Zhu Hui Primordial Qigong / Lotus Qigong

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Hi Taobums!


I have been practicing Primordial Qigong for about a month now and it has been one of the most grounding and opening qigong sets I have ever learned. I found some old threads here where people had discussed practicing this form. I was hoping you wouldn't mind sharing your experiences with this form; if you still practice, how long practiced, results you saw from your practice. Did anyone ever get up to the recommended 4 sets a day?

I have Winn's video and the book from Rubbo. They are both good to me, although neither one of them teaches it the same and it makes me wonder if they didn't each change a little something to make it their own. Like Winn closing with 9 stroked and Rubbo 10. To me it seems that once you learn the basics of the form you get a clear idea of what works for you. Every time I do it it's a bit different, kind of like doing the Tai Chi form.

Another form that Zhu Hui taught was Lotus Qigong. I REALLY would like to learn this form but can not find anything on it other than students of his mentioning it on websites. To complicate things further there are a lot of sets out there called Lotus Qigong. Rubbo has a clip where they do what looks like and opening movement to the form, and Bingkun Hu has a qigong for stretching video where some movements look similar, but that is as far as I have gotten. If anyone had any resource for learning this set I would be so grateful.

Looking at old photos of Zhu Hui he embodies what I am looking for. He looks light and healthy, and always has a BIG smile. (IDK why so many photos of masters they are overweight and look like they are about to whoop ass! ;-p)






cool photo of Zhu Hui with Winn, Rubbo, Bingkun Hu and others :-)


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Hi Junbao,


I'm a big fan of this form too. I've been doing it for about a year, but usually just once per day. I learned it from Winn's DVD and one by John Milton ("Tai Chi for Liberation"). Each has it's own strong points: Winn gives a little more of the esoteric aspects and Milton gives good clear instruction, with an onscreen compass, which was helpful. There are very slight differences between the two, but nothing major. I'm going to Winn's workshop in Asheville next month to learn it directly from him.


I guess my favorite thing about this form is that you gather energy from heaven, earth, and all of the four directions. I learned a somewhat similar form of bone marrow washing from Dr. Roger Jahnke, where you go clockwise through the four directions, the normal direction of the progress of the time of day, four seasons, etc. He mentioned that going counter-clockwise could have the effect of "turning back time" or becoming younger. So, I'll eventually see if that happens! There's also plenty of opportunity to work in imagery related to various time cycles, the seasons, etc.


I usually position this set later in my sequence, after the more stretching and opening stuff, and then follow it with Tai Chi Ruler and/or Blossoms in the Spring to circulate what I just gathered. I like this combination a lot.


I saw this DVD listed on a web site by a Taoist priest from Wudang Mountain. Since, Winn, Milton and others state that Primordial Qigong originated there, I wonder if it is the same form or not:


Wu Dang Hun Yuan (Primordial)Qigong


Has anyone here seen this DVD by Master Tseng, and is it the same form?

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