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As Above So Below - Santos Bonacci - the key to the holy science (astrotheology)

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This Science of 'as above so below' is the most ancient universal system of harmonizing man with his natural surrounds! Ths stars above and the stars below, ie: our own bodies. Mankind is in harmony with Nature only when he realizes that he is the microcosm of the Universe and a Galaxy unto himself.


Man has lost this profound knowledge over the past few thousand years due to the Precession of the Equinoxes. The dark history of the recent past was fortold by the ancients. Hesiod, Hermes and many others fortold a time when the understanding of the sacred truths would become obscure and the knowledge would have to go undergroung to be preserved for a future time. That time has now arrived.



Santos' work has been truly inspirational for me and have led me to a deeper understanding on every level.

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