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  1. I think I've lost it

    you didnt mention how you actually felt. what did it feel like? were you frightened? Not sure if it relates at all but feels like it might. i have experienced something similar, many years ago it was happening frequently (in my early 20's). It can be alarming for sure... My animals and my roommates definately reacted on certain occassions. I think that its alot of energy when you move into that space... **just curious, do you have or have you had ringing in the ears just before or after (tinitus) if so, tune into that frequency and just relax and open your awareness. tune into a meditation. It will help** I would also suggest not over analyzing with the mind or being to critical or fearful of the experience. I think its an opening and an adventure when it happens...though it can be scary at first. Just claim your space, clear the energy and relax into yourself... it will open up for you and insights will come naturally... I was having frequent out of body/in body energetic (inter-dimensional?) experiences several years ago, it was happening nightly for quite some time, but, as soon as I became to self absorbed in figuring it out - analyzing with my mind - and thinking something was wrong (the tinitus was a big problem, it was constant because i was resisting and at times it freaked me out it was so loud and constant) that particular type of experience gradually began to phase out as soon as i analyzed to much. That was 20+ years ago, it was many years after that that i began to open up again. I missed the experiences at that point. became curious and open again... I have since had other similar types of experiences in that state but nothing like the early experiences of this kind. I would suggest that you relax into the experience, open up, clear expectations and fears, expand and treat the experience with curiosity (childlike wonder is good) explore it in a subtle energetic way with expansive energy.... (does that make sense or do i sound like new age girl?) or maybe just enjoy the ride and dont worry about how it works in this case. I think that will come...
  2. Shit New Age Girls Say

    Namaste Mothaf^%^ka! i now find myself repeating this everywhere I go ..... yeah, i say some of this stuff at times. gotta laugh at myself...
  3. I no longer endorse this place, I do endorse the film makers- they did great work capturing a moment in time.
  4. What are you listening to?

    never mind
  5. What are you watching on Youtube?

    from christopher lee matsuo "there are so many inquiries, calls, msgs, email from sincere individuals that need genuine help, tempering, guidance, etc in their chosen practice. my answer.... No Matter What kind of cool things you learn.. after you eat it, assimilate and make it part of you. Really do the work. Be true to yourself... Your responsibility is loyalty to yourself and your heart foremost. Manifest mastery in the body. that is the point of manifesting. The body, this world. The place you wake up, the place you feel pain, the place you always come back to... this is the place or alter of manifesting. Knowing inside that you are a master is not enough. Do the work and wield it in this world. Actions speak louder. You will respect yourself the way that you wish.. In this way, you transform the body by engaging and avoiding nothing. another story.... after mastering the reflection of the moon on the water and gaining rank and recognition, after seeing the real moon and realizing that 'truth' resonates with the heart what looked like, sounded like, and positioned as the moon, was not really the moon at all, but merely a reflection on every drop of water. now, to decide.... abandon the reflection and accept the moon, with that , abandoning attachment to the rank and recognition brought on by the reflection or turn eyes away, go back to sleep and pretend you never saw it.... either way, its too late. your heart has already felt the truth and will never be the same.. after catharsis and bliss, chomp wisdom, carry skill knowledge is not knowing, professing is not skill wisdom and skill bring enlightenment know what you want, make decisions and choices that is your vehicle. Temper the body, make skill. know what you are going to do with it, prove to your heart that you can wield it.. and your heart will let you have it. Mastery from the heart and mind to your hands wields mastery" laoxie christopher lee matsuo
  6. here is a link to watch free online -full version
  7. Sifu Jenny Lamb Lecture clip- great!

    Sifu Jenny is the one with the long braids. amazing clip....
  8. something's up?

    hey witch. you rock. I love your honesty, insights and your powerful spirit.... so the ufo topic is one that I can speak on with some level of understanding..... One thing I would say for certain that its not about government disclosure, certainly not roswell which was a smokescreen, the disclosure comes from the people and mainly from within. If the government discloses ANYTHING you can bet your ass its a lie, a distraction or a manipulation. That part makes it easy if you understand problem-reaction-solution game. Our star family is real. No doubt. And they are not all benevolent....but so what. neither are humans.... I just think people like to throw all of it into one basket and call it crazy. They doubt themselves, doubt experiences and inner knowing because of it.....that is a construct in and of itself. The level of discernment required to navigate through this information is incredibly challenging given all the disinfo.... its laughable really. But at the creamy galactic core of it all what you have is nothing short of extraordinary. Getting there is up to us individually if we choose, or it chooses us.. not really sure. lets just say i have a close connection to what is happening in this area ..... i can tell you with certainty that the number of experiences and sightings happening currently is unprecedented. HUGE. there is even more disinfo than truth in the whole area... but its off the charts what is occurring for people world wide. the thing is, for those that are 'experiencers' (and that could happen to anyone with the intent to know the truth, its that easy now) People who have had genuine experiences all realize it isnt about nuts and bolts craft or some ET race coming to save us...... quite to the contrary, its about the unseen. about self responsibility, consciousness and awareness. its about waking up and realizing who you REALLY are..... once you have embarked on this path it quickly moves from what the eyes see to the internal experience. its about awareness, pure and simple. The multidimensionals just know that they can assist by opening doors of perception. The ones that get it move through the process and into deep internal work. The ones that dont go out and start channelling Ashtar command and joining the Galactic Federation of LIght. That is all bullshit.... a distraction. One aspect that is important to be aware of (in terms of the hegalian dialectic that is being played out) there will likely be a "last card" event involving supposed UFO's. They will be our own and it will be the biggest mindfuck ever. Carol Rosin explains it beautifully (this is a very short clip of an amazing and brave speech): I know Carol Rosin personally and believe me when I say she has payed dearly for speaking on this..... her truth and passion is evident.she is a brave and sincere warrior for peace. discernment is key in these times and nowhere is it more challenging than in this "ufology" field. I do believe the stage is being set to use this as a control mechanism, the setup has been long in the making. these will be nuts and bolts physical craft along with psychotronics (HAARP and other frequency based technologies) Metallic craft are actually easy to differentiate from the ultradimensional organic ships for those that have experienced some level of contact (for lack of a better descriptive for light ship) dont ask me how i know this. I just do... either way its all just a drama vortex. Nothing to get to caught up in....but good to be aware of. I am sure some of you less open minded TB's will have a field day with this post but hey, I get it. Sounds wacko to some... I am over that part of it. I have nothing to prove, defend or explain. Its not a belief thing, its a knowing that can only come from direct experience and it makes no difference to me if people get it or not. Some do. Some dont. so what... there are many paths but they all lead to the same place dont they? so my basic point is, that in all things there is disinfo. Keep your eyes open, head up and watch what they 'disclose' within that direction of attention-- it provides the clues you need to understand whats up and respond accordingly. they always let you know what they are going to do before they do it but you must have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. the other option is.. move to the country grow your own food, live your life and dont give a DAMN about social consciousness and its programs. that works too.... or you can do both. way more fun....
  9. What are you watching on Youtube?

    agreed. its great we got him on the show but I was definately interested in delving deeper into some of what he was talking about. ce la vie... you should check out his empath training video. it was essential for me and some of the practices he shared in that video are core for me today. all his work is amazing....
  10. Sifu Jenny Lamb Lecture clip- great!

    no problem..i will get a longer clip or a link to the stream version for taobum members soon. the dvd is avialble now (as a fund raiser, $15) but I can post the full version in a month or so- because I think its important with all the drama vortexes going on to hear from Jenny herself on many topics. I think it would go along way to squash many of the current drama vortexes and then I am most sure it will create new ones I am sure....... I will pull another clip shortly and post the full lecture privately in a month or so... for those that dont want to wait i will get the online link for instant access..
  11. What are you watching on Youtube?

    here are some of his talks we posted on our ustream site.. sifu christopher matsuo - taoist tea ceremony part 1 we have a few more but not sure if they are still up or not...
  12. What are you watching on Youtube?

    here are some of his talks we posted on our ustream site.. sifu christopher matsuo - taoist tea ceremony part 1 we have a few more but not sure if they are still up or not...