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Nei Kung

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Just wanted to share a small bit of what I train and teach my students

Its from a DVD set that was just released.


Its Nei Kung from the perspective of internal martial arts

Taiji, Xing Yi, and Bagua





its a set that helps to develop essential things in the body for internal martial arts- like relaxation, connection, coordination, and internal energy (Qi)


also very good for the health

helps with the circulation of Qi and Blood

Keeps things flowing and breaks up stagnation

strengthens the body





the set has 5 sections and can be practiced a couple different ways


* Section 1: The 5 Circles

* Section 2: Wuji Zhan Zhuang

* Section 3: Seven Circles

* Section 4: Zhan Zhuang

* Section 5: Pierce and Turn



if you want to find out more about the DVD set-






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Hi Franklin,

Thanks for sharing that clip. I'm curious as to why you choose to call this a Nei Gong set rather than Qi Gong. Is there specific internal work associated with the body movement and breathing? If so, can you describe that a bit?

Best regards,


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As far as I know generally kung fu styles all called their internal arts Nei Kung, qigong is a new term.

So it could be that, although from our modern perspective the clips on topic look like qigong rather than what we would think as nei kung.

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Hi Steve


several different reasons why it is called nei kung rather then qigong


the first being cause that is what it is... :P



but seriously


we would have to define the terms nei kung and qigong

everyone has their own perspective based on their practice/teachers, research, and experiences


not tying to lecture anyone

just want to share my own perspective


nei kung is the older term

just meaning internal work or internal training or internal skill


for the internal martial arts there is a tendency to call any training outside of forms practice nei kung as these types of jibengong are for gaining internal skill

so usually a whole bunch of things that look rather "qigongy" get the title nei kung


where qigong- breath training/energy training could be considered more like daoyin- leading and guiding exercises- where the purpose is to lead/guide the energy while stretching and twisting the body in coordination with the breath and yi (mind intent)

these types of practice usually have the purpose of better general health or to cure certain ailments/disease



this nei kung for the internal martial arts has several functions:

1- loosening, relaxing, gaining control over, and integrating all the different parts of the body- which of course circulates the qi and is good for the health- because it will help clear up any blockages

2- this relaxation and integration then helps with building the Qi through zhan zhuang


they work like two sides of the coin- each enhancing the other and with much overlap



the nei kung set basically consists of what could be called

relaxation / loosening exercises (fang song gong)

massage (an mo)

self hitting (pai da)

and standing meditation (zhan zhuang)


all helping to transform the body first- then the energy..... (jing qi shen)

which helps to make one a better practitioner of internal martial arts (more effective and powerful), is good for the health, and has many other benefits that i believe would be similar to what other people would call nei kung as well





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