Series of differentials

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I first heard about the concept of series of differentials in video by michael philips on youtube. He said that was the key to making energy flow, epecially in conext of fa jin. I later queried my yoga teacher ho agreed wrt raising kundalini. Since i have been tying to fit in william cc chens's thrree nails principle into my taiji practice, i realized something last night, what the series of differentials meant.


In three nails, as i understnd it, sinking happens into the bubbling well and rising happens with a slight pressure of the big toes. Last night, moving to left and right side in beginning stance, i realized, beginning stance is emptiness, where everything exists a potentiality. Shifin to the right, pressure with left toe (closed), left kwa open, left birds nest closed. Rght root open, right kwa closed, right birds nest open. Left side from foot up, closed open losed, right side open, losed, from one to two (sides) to three ( per side), each corresponding side with its oppoite. Separate yet one...



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