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peter falk

herbal boost (he shou wu question)

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ok, so i've been taking raw he shou wu for some time. i really like the boost it gives to my practice and the jing. although it's kind of a yang jing, it's a cool yang, and yer yang can stay hard for a long time beofre you have to shoot.


now yesterday i went down to chinatown to get some more heshouwu (yeah, chinatown, i'm in the States for the holidays) and all they had was the cooked heshouwu. i've never tried this. suposedly it's even stronger for yer yang (both meanings) and has a much quicker effect on hair growth and degraying. the degraying is not an issue for me, but hair growth is. the raw never really made any hair grow. which doesn't matter to me. but will i get it from the cooked stuff? hell, it'd always be nice. nayone have any experience with cooked heshouwu to share?


no englsih name that i know of but botanically it's Polygonum multiflorum.

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