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The Nature Of Nothing

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Something came up on another thread that got me to pondering the nature of nothing.

There is the vacuum of space, but that has now been shown to contain lots of dark matter. There's the Buddhist Nervanha which seems to be a sort of blissful nothingness. There's the idea of what was "without form and void" of Genisis. Each a sort of nothing-maybe...The blending of life into a totality of being at death may be a kind of nothing as in it's no more something seperate. But thats not nothing!!

I just can't get my head around the idea of an absolute Nothing. And perhaps there always was something, a consciousness, a will to be, a dream of existence...

All, everything, anything, something, each and anyone, of these I'm able to manifest in my mind as discribable.

But I just can't quite get nothing, there is always the thought of nothing to hold its place back in something land!

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