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Post-exercise changes in blood pressure and heart rate

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Been playing with my partners blood pressure machine, which in a round about way lead to this finding this article.


Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research (1998) 31: 1247-1255

ISSN 0100-879X


Post-exercise changes in blood

pressure, heart rate and rate pressure

product at different exercise intensities

in normotensive human



To evaluate the effect of exercise intensity on post-exercise cardiovascular responses, 12 young normotensive subjects performed in a randomized order three cycle ergometer exercise bouts of 45 min at 30,

50 and 80% of VO2 peak, and 12 subjects rested for 45 min in a nonexercise control trial.


Blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR) were measured for 20 min prior to exercise (baseline) and at intervals of 5 to 30 (R5-30), 35 to 60 (R35-60) and 65 to 90 (R65-90) min after exercise.


Systolic, mean, and diastolic BP after exercise were significantly lower than baseline, and there was no difference between the three exercise intensities.


After exercise at 30% of VO2 peak, HR was significantly decreased at R35-60 and R65-90.

In contrast, after exercise at 50 and 80% of VO2 peak, HR was significantly increased at R5-30 and R35-60, respectively.


Exercise at 30% of VO2 peak significantly decreased rate pressure (RP) product (RP = HR x systolic BP) during the entire recovery period

(baseline = 7930 ± 314 vs R5-30 = 7150 ± 326, R35-60 = 6794 ± 349, and R65-90 = 6628 ± 311, P<0.05)


While exercise at 50% of VO2 peak caused no change exercise at 80% of VO2 peak produced a significant increase at R5-30 (7468 ± 267 vs 9818 ± 366, P<0.05) and no change at R35-60 or R65- 90.


Cardiovascular responses were not altered during the control trial.


In conclusion, varying exercise intensity from 30 to 80% of VO2 peak in young normotensive humans did not influence the magnitude of post-exercise hypotension.


However, in contrast to exercise at 50 and 80% of VO2 peak, exercise at 30% of VO2 peak decreased post-exercise HR and RP


an acute bout of submaximal exercise can cause important cardiovascular changes


"The contrast between the present study and others

(9,14,15) may be related to exercise duration

or to the population investigated. In our study,

normotensive humans were exercised for 45

min at all three intensities (30, 50 and 80% of

VO2 peak), while in the study of Pescatello et

al. (14) normotensive humans were exercised for 30 min, and in the study of Piepoli

et al. (15) exercise duration was shorter during maximal than submaximal bouts. In fact,

Bennett et al. (1) reported that a 10-min

exercise period did not induce a post-exercise blood pressure fall in normotensives,

but additional exercise periods (4 bouts of 10 min) produced a significant decrease in

blood pressure.

Moreover, Overton et al. (13) observed that 40 min of exercise performed by spontaneously hypertensive rats

provoked a greater and longer post-exercise hypotension than 20 min of exercise."


Tai Chi form traditionally best practiced 4x a day? or at least two times (that's ~40 min)?


Water methods "70% rule" ?

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