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Just got an email newsletter from Steve Cotter. Most interesting. Steve is a national kungfu full contact champion, and can do pistols holding 144lbs and is a long time chikung practitioner. One of the big guns at


Check it out:


On a personal note, I have recently had the great fortune to be accepted as a student to a most incredible qigong and gong fu master. Master Kao San-Lun lives across the country from me, but considering that at 130 lbs and nearly 60 years old he can throw me around the room like a rag doll with effortless motion, I will take every opportunity to study and learn from him. Not only that, but his level of power and knowledge of qigong is without peer. Having the opportunity to learn from Master Kao has allowed me to access the missing link of a successful life-long health and fitness---longevity. Read about Master Kao San Lun and his rare form of internal martial arts and qigong:


Just checked out the site. Nice 70's suit! Some, uh, mention of genital weightlifting. (I just don't see myself trying that out! Crazy asians!) based out of Tampa, FL.

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