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I remember when I was 16, 17.. searching the net for leads to god.. I think this is the very begining of my spiritual practice...

I was grudging through psychedlic pages... timothy leary and the sort... and I found a qabbalah forum. At the time, I knew I found something special. It was a public forum, apparantly, because I did post something.. but it wa sso hidden in the net I don't know if I will ever find it again.. if it, hopefully, still exists. I had no idea what qabbalah was, and they were talking in a language that was my own.. but so cryptic I had absolutely no idea what the fuck they were on about.


I believe that forums, decent forums like this one, serve as a gateway to knowledge.. and can provide a broader and more in-depth knowledge than books, or sectarian teachers, even. (because we all share, which is awesome...)


so anyways, if anyone knows of any like really cool forums.. especially in regards to western alchemy, occult qabbalah, that sort of thing, (because that is my current interest...) then I would be most appreciative!


here is one, if anyone cares...


very interesting! too smart for me =)


-- I mean OMG, look at this...


"Hermeticism has alway held a special allegiance to the Ogdoad and the Ennead as constituting a central principle in its own philosophy of mind and matter, yet the reasons for this have never been entirely clear. The binary and ternary mathematics of the far east provide the clearest explanation for this possible at this time, yet have generally been treated as a quaint curiosity at best by most western thinkers, until more recently when it became recognized that the underscoring mathematics of DNA and the I Ching are identical. It has taken the unexpected emergence of Genetics Science to return us full circle to the clarity and the universiality of these ancient metaphysical constructs. "



whoooooaaaa! was anyone else aware of this?? I think that these western systems may prove to intellectual for me :blink:

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