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georg feuerstien and his website

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I thought I would share this gem with you ... I own a couple of his books, and I have read one of them, and use it as reference, (tantra: the path of ecstasy)


I didn't know he had a site. There is even an e-learning program (250 hours and 800 hours...) on yoga tradition and stuff... I am sure they're almost useless for practical purposes... But I think I'll have to sign up for a course one of these days!


before I forget here is the url:


I am still exploring it...


oooh, here is a pretty cool quiz.. it is something I think of often, and i think fits well on these boards:


Is it possible to stably reach the higher levels of Yoga without a guru?


yes, absolutely 21.25% (133)

no way 13.10% (82)

not very likely 13.90% (87)

for some it may be possible 30.03% (188)

one's progress is entirely up to the Divine 11.82% (74)

it all depends on one's karma 9.90% (62)

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