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deci belle

The Lives of Clouds

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The Lives of Clouds


Potential augments and diminishes

As preponderance and scarcity

In gravity and degree of yin and yang.


When evolutionary developments

Congeal their clustering characteristic

Energy stultifies into trends of momentum

Expansion, contraction, rising and falling

All the while open to inconceivable influences.


Effecting perceptivity relative to ones opacity

Experiential events combine as a created cycle

Still comprised of living potential without definition

This is the empty field wayfarers plow.


To the capacity that one is able to function

When one sees through events, people, things and thoughts

One recognizes the flow of the breath and the pulse of life

Within the knowledge of one's nature

As situations crystalize according to the times

Complete, whole and integral in principle.


Then what is witnessed and carried out

Held or released, revealed or resealed

Mixed in or dispersed by oneself

Is in response to the timing

Of a situation's inherent organization

Not one's own contrivance.

Because it is not an hypothetical ideal

But the natural function of the response body

Of completely real enlightening beings

There is spontaneously no effort.


This is loosing oneself in humanity

The real humanity in humanity which is not a person.

Not a person is the quality of sameness

Which is the selfless function of true intent

The Virtue of the Receptive.


Confucious meditated for a hundred days

On a few concise words from LaoTzu

To arrive at the gist of the matter

Of which LaoTzu approved.


Who can match the power of each individual in this regard?


We habitually shill through bogs of words

Like flocks flapping the world over

Migrating from thought to thought

Without stopping to conceive

Penetration of authentic concentration.

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