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Taoist Philosophy - Conversations III

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Confucius saw Lao Tan and talked with him about humanity and justice. And Lao Tan said:

“When one throws dust in your eyes, you lose all sense of direction. When mosquitoes bite you, you cannot sleep all night. This humanity and justice are irritating. They upset my consciousness and cause confusion of mind. If you will allow the people to go on living without loss of their original simplicity, and you yourself will just follow your natural impulses, people’s character will be established.

"Why do you go about impatiently like a man who has lost his son and is beating a drum to look for him? The swan is white without a daily bath and the raven is black without black paint. In their original state, black and white are quite in place. All this seeking after reputation and fame adds nothing to a man’s character. When a pool dries up, fish are left on land, they moisten each other with the foam from their mouth. It would be a much better way to let them back into the rivers and lakes.”

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