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Aspartame - even SCARIER SHEEET !!!

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From the book Sweet Poison by Janet Starr Hull:


I have documented the history of aspartame, government reports and Senate Hearings on aspartame safety, case histories, including death, and provided a list of products aspartame is found in, along with the 92 symptoms of disease aspartame creates.



25% to 50% of all American food is P-O-I-S-O-N !

Read the ingrediants of everything you buy and eat.

If it has Aspartame in it, don't eat or drink or buy it!


Never heard of Aspartame? How about Nutra-Sweet?

Same exact thing. Some marketing spin doctors gave it a more "fun", "innocent", sounding name. The book Sweet Poison is still for sale at major bookstores (Barnes & Noble, etc...). Ask them to look up on their store computer for its exact location in the bookstore. It's not always in the same section.


Made in the 1960's to kill kidney stones, its makers got impatient waiting for FDA approval. They accidently found out Aspartame is 300% sweeter than sugar. 1 gram Aspartame = 300 grams sugar. 1 lb Aspartame = 300 lbs sugar. Can you say $$$$$$$$$$ :twisted: The chance to make 300% profit!!! Forget about using it as intended to kill kidney stones. Use it as unintended as a sugar substitute and sweetner!


One little problem though... it has almost 100 or more different life killing side effects. The FDA said no in the mid and late 1970's. 300% profit is too hard to give up. The Aspartame makers paid off half of the FDA and in the 1980's it got FDA approval. Many FDA officials resigned in disgust.


The doors were now open to use Aspartame as a sugar replacement in food. Nutra-Sweet was a much more nicey nicey sounding name. A nutritious sweet? It's nutritious and sweet? Yeah nutritious for the wallest of its makers! Sweet for the profits of its makers. They made sooooo much money they retired. Sold the company to a Japanese company later on.


The Japanese company refuses to sell Aspartame/Nutra-Sweet in Japan. To put it in Japanese food. But has nooo problem selling it and putting it in American foods.


Air Force Top Gun pilots, regular Airline Pilots, athletes, college students, have died, and suffered the side effects of Aspartame/Nutra-Sweet. Because the FDA is a goverment agency, and has been bought out, all deaths related to it have been covered up. Who knows how many Airline crashes, car accidents, other deaths, and more - are a result of the poison Aspartame/Nutra-Sweet ?!?


*it makes super-microscopic holes in the brain*

Dumbing down those who consume it.


Building up in the brain every time its consumed. If you stop conusming it, it takes years for it to be flushed out of your brain.

80% of all soda, coca-cola, pepsi, have it as an ingrediant. 99% of all diet foods have it as an ingrediant.



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