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  1. Noni...Goji...what's next?

    I have no memory of it. Perhaps before "my time". Anyhow, it doesn't matter what used to be the in thing. It's all about common sense. One must do their own homework. Look up whatever the product is. Talk to people who use it. Then test it on yourself. Keep a journal for 1-6 months. Then see if there are any positive differences. If yes, then decide if one wants to keep using. If no, then no big deal if one no longer uses it. Now you are assuming. You do know what Benny Hill said when you ass-u-me. You give a blanket statement "each new panacea". Soy can be good or bad. Soy milk is better than the garbage fake cow milk sold in all stores. But too much reliance on soy is not good. Pure goji-berries aka WOLF BERRIES, are litterally food of the gods. Scientists are shocked such a food exists. There's also emperor goji berries/wolf berries. Now here's where one's common sense enters. Everything I said in my first response. I've purchased Wolf Berries in China Towns. They are different than the one sold in "yuppie" health food stores. I noticed when I read the ingrediant label, the one in the mainstream health food stores has additional ingrediants ADDED. Not good. *Allows his barbarian blood to thaw out* No, nothing is wrong with the picture. Something is wrong with people who do not use their common sense. Common sense is another way of saying common logic. Yes slick marketing is used to sell items. It's up to the consumer to engage in critical thinking aka common sense aka common logic. My example with the goji/wolf berries says it all. One needs to take the time, make the effort, do the homework, on whatever the product is. Are the ingrediants natural, or man made then added? Is this product found naturally in nature? What's its shelf life? Where in the store is it stocked? (is it next to the pesticide products?). Shop around for prices, including the internet. Etc.. etc... There is nothing wrong with a person, or company, wanting to make money off a health product. The question is... the homework one needs to do... is does the product hold up to its claims? Does it hold up to the homework you/one does on it? Some folks don't have the time to shop for all the products seperatly. If they can afford the price, no problem if they buy it. It comes down to is the product real? Does it measure up to its claims? Example... you posted goji berries as another of the many items that come into style, then go out of style. So what if this happens? Goji berries are indeed as special as they sound! This one sentance IMHO could've been your entire post. It's all that needs to be said. Then your thread can be seen as another reminder to everyone to keep their critical thinking hats on always. Now you are making a blanket statement. Sometimes more is better. Sometimes it is not. How to decide? Take everything on a case by case basis. Do YOU know what oxidation is? Oxygen for humans is both a life giver, and the element that ages and kills us. It causes our cells to "rust" just like it does to everything else. Imagine putting 10 coats of weather protectant on a bar of metal. It will be very well protected. Imagine putting 100 coats of weather protectant on. Yes, it's more than enough. Yes it can be said to be tooooo much. But is it now doing more harm than good? Just like in advance military training, when one is looking for a food source, one does gradual experiments on oneself (eat a nibble, wait 5 hours, eat another nibble, wait 5 hours, etc...) one goes through doing homework on anti-oxidants. Then finally experimenting on oneself in small, controlled doses. Eat a certain serving for 1 month, recording how one feels, and what happens. I eat about a hand full of goji/wolf berries twice a week, and get great results. I've talked to others who eat a hand full each day. Eat 2-8 handfulls each day. They also get great results. I've experimented with carrot juice. Drinking 1-7 gallons each week, after first eating a heavy meal so that the juice stays in the stomach longer. I've found that for me personally 1-2 gallons per week works fine - after experimenting with different amounts. What may be "too much" anti-oxidants for you, may be fine for someone else. When it comes to each person's health and diet, one must do their own homework, and their own experiments. This is just a repeat of what's covered above. It comes back to using one's own common sense, logic, and critical thinking. Testimonials are simply information. Most are skewed. It is up to the person to sift through them for the intresting ones. For example, the cure for cancer has long been found, and used since the 1930's. There are testimonials. One would then do homework... which includes following up on the testimonials, investigating the testimonials. If one just uses a blanketed view, one would miss the testimonials that may not be skewed, that may point to products that really do work. You mean the WESTERN market. Westerners are too lazy to do preventive medicine. If they would streach, exercise, eat right, stop over eating, meditate, concentrate on building good karma, concentrate on "not being an a--" to other people as much as possible, they would not get the "flu symptoms" in the first place. Preventive medicine means acting first. "I don't want to get a potbelly gut. Let me start doing crunches, and leg raises now, while I don't have one yet," Current Western medicine is about re-acting. "Oh no! I now have a potbelly gut. Now I'll just get liposuction surgery, or surgery to shrink my stomach, blah, blah, blah..." Fill in potbelly gut with "flu symptoms", cancer, lethargy, tiredness, weak bones, flabby muscles, impotence, being unable to last longer than 10 secs with a woman, etc.. etc... other problems. Again, you are talking about the present WESTERN view of medicine or "medicine". The Western view of results or "results". With preventive medicine, the results are that there are no problems in the first place. You would not have a cough in the first place because of you activly taking charge of your diet, physical health, and mental health, from the getgo (age 5? heheheh ). Oh there is another side alright. Just like the link in my sig shows. It's not just health products that may be wronging us. It has been found, and proven, that it's bad, horrible, DIET. For example, anything with Aspartame, which also goes by the name Nutra-Sweet, is littarally P-O-I-S-I-O-N. Check out the book "Sweet Poison" at any major bookstore for the graphic details. Also hydroginated corn oil, artifical color (insert number 1-100 here)... red #2, blue #4, yellow #8, etc... etc... ALL milk sold in stores is fake poison garbage. Flash Pastrizing KILLs any positive nutrients. Then the man-made vitamins are added to it to "fortify" it. "100IU Vitamin D". Homoginization isn't as bad, but still not good. Food should stay as nature makes it. There's a reason nature makes it the way it's naturally made. Like honey, royal jelly, pure cow milk, colostrum, pure goji/wolf berries, everything Dirk Benedict found out when he discovered the facts about the cure for cancer, and more, etc... etc... You have people eating s---t food, which makes them get sick. Then they take s--t medicine to treat the sickness. ALL this mess could have been avoided using preventive medicine. Stop eating the s--t food in the first place! LOL! How to find out what is s--t? One needs to activly do their own homework. Oh, they know. They just don't want to do their own homework. Example... taking calcium. Obviously it's man made. If they would simply go visit a farm, and ask the farmer for pure cow milk, then they will be taking the REAL natural calcium. And again, one needs to experiment on oneself. In small doses, over a period of time (1-6 months). And yes, things will possibly get altered. It's part of finding out what works, and what does not work. Even Dirk Benedict had to eat the right foods for himself, and monitor what happened over time. Again, that's a blanket statement, about another blanket statement. Sometimes pain is needed to gain. Sometimes some pain is needed. Sometimes no pain is needed. It all comes down to a case by case basis. Everyone is different. That's why it's back to doing one's own homework. Gradually experimenting on oneself, and recording the results over time. I don't need mega-doses of goji/wolf berries to feel fine. Others can take mega-doses of goji/wolf berries and feel fine. No, one must first decide if they really, really, want to get to the bottom of matters - or not. There is no part way, half way, when it comes to pursuing the best possible health. With this said, it won't matter if there's a "dizzying array of simlar products". One will take the time to look at every single one. Filter out all the ones that have man-made chemicals in them - using common sense aka critical thinking aka homework aka investigation. Like my example with the goji/wolf berries. The ones I found in my local China Town had only wolf berries as the ingredients. The same goji/wolf berries found in the local mainstream supermarket, and health stores, had additional ingredients added! Now you are entering the realm of preventative medicine. If she drank enough water in the first place, helped by always carrying a bottle with her everywhere, then she would never get the constapation problem in the first place. It would be ok for the person to get the weakening effect from the herb. It's all part of experimenting with what works best for each person. Then they find out for sure it's not the right herb. Move on to the next possible solution. Rinse, repeat. Just like Dirk Benedict did until he finally found the RIGHT cure for cancer. Very last item, no one, including me, should ever assume they know everything. One should always, be open to new ideas, new treatments, new finds.
  2. vegan & being full.

    - Something else you should try: Drinking water. Whenever you feel hungrey, drink some water first before eating. While you are eating drink water (or whatever liquid, non-concentrate orange juice, soy milk, whatever.). You get the most out of non-water fluids by drinking them while eating, or after eating - the food makes them sit in the stomach longer, giving more of a chance to asorb their vitamins. For the majority of people, the desire to drink and desire to eat, are closely tied together. Sometimes I drink a half gallon of water before eating. **************************** IMHO the evidence shows vegan diet is a sham. And vegetarian diets are nothing special. (Not as bad as vegan. But not really as spectacularly greater than "normal" diets.) Simply look at the Russian/Commie athletes, and their performances vs American/"Western" athletes. There is either no difference, very little difference, or the non-Western athletes run circles around the Western athletes. And even better example is S. American, African, Cent. American, athletes and how they dance around Western Athletes. They eat a mix of fruits, veggies, and MEAT. IMHO kosher meat is better than non-kosher meat though. Look at people who live very long. It's more from building more good Karma more than bad karma first, getting exercise second, and third eating sensibly.
  3. Real or fake ?

    1. The REAL hardcore teachers you'll have to FIND yourself. And I mean FIND them, because they don't want to BE found! These are the teachers who can go a month without food, or water, who use their top chakra to feed theirselves. These are the teachers who walk around the Himalaya's near naked, in minus 20 degree wind chill weather and when you touch them they are warm and hot. Muhammed Ali the boxer once met an Asian teacher. He told Ali to punch him as hard as he could in the neck. Ali did, and nothing happened. This is what I mean by the real teachers who exist, but don't want to be found. It's just like in those old martial arts movies, where the student follows the teacher around for years, until the teacher finally gives in and starts teaching him - after seeing how driven the student is to want to learn. 2. On to the "known" teachers. The ones who do wish to be found. Just because they want money doesn't always mean they are evil. What... you expect them to sleep on a park bench? Your point can be used against itself - if some teachings are being given away cheap, maybe they are like pop music. If some teachings are expensive, maybe they are like quality nitch music that's 1 million times better than Britney Spears. 3. Money shouldn't be THE deciding factor. Some EXCELLENT books cost serious money. (Go check out the Matrix 5 book... $80 buckaroos it costs per copy! And it's better than every single text book taught in high school, and college!). Just like when ya shop for a car, cloths, sometimes the more expensive is better quality... sometimes the least expensive is just as good quality. How do you know/find out? Research. Observe. Ask questions. I'll take that 80.oo book over any 20.oo or 50.oo book any day. Even if I have to go a few days without food, and water, and be stuck recycling/drinking my own urine! (after a few times, it becomes more pure than the purest water The deciding factor should be your intuition. Your "gut" feeling. Your "Higher Self". Your instincts. After doing common sense research - talking to whatever teacher, former students, standing back and observing .... simular to how ya read the back cover of a book that may intrest you before buying it....... Or even stand back and watch how other book browsers re-act to a certain book. When I go to the movies, part of the fun is observing the crowd and how they react, their comments before and after the movie. Stand back and observe. If it feels right, if you don't get any obvious negative vibes - then save up your $$$$ and check it out - whatever book, whatever teacher, whatever DVD's, courses, blah blah blah.... etc... etc... etc... All I'm saying is don't let money be THE deciding factor when your shopping around for something serious, something life changing, something that may give more quality to your life.
  4. - First 40 minutes rip through organized religion - Last 40 minutes is A M A Z I N G !!! Shows how screwed up America is, the world is, all in an orderly, clean, neet, mannerable, presentation.
  5. There are tons of Aspartame/Nutra-Sweet cases every month, every year. But the controlled media keeps them from appearing. It's rare that such a story gets through. 99.8% of all doctors do not know about it. Or if some do, they stay quiet. Most likely they simply don't know about it. The internet is a double-edged sword. Right now current time it can work wonders in gettting around major media. (Yeah intresting how hawt the chick looks LOL!) Here is the story:
  6. Am I silly for this or have I found something?

    My only comment is... only in the west (and mostly America at that) are cartoons viewed as "silly, dumb, meaningless" things. In the rest of the world, and mostly in Asia, cartoons are viewed as simply another form of communication. And that is exactly what they are. Just like books, movies, on and on. So it is not simply "only a cartoon". It is a story told using a type of communicative format, which touched you. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ It is up to you, based on YOUR life experiences, your intuition, what and who you feel is a hero, or villian. Take "Superman" for example. Is he a hero or the ultimate villian? We all know about the propaganda that says he is a hero. But he never corrects the ills in Africa, the mass executions, the drug trade in S. America, the craziness related to Israel and the Middle East. He turns back time only to save 1 woman, but what about other people? What a selfish fiend! Based on my life experience, a bad guy to one side is a good guy to another side. As the famous quote goes - history is written by the winners. (I amend it to Official History )
  7. Increasing Breast Size...

    Your point, which is centered around a quote that is not in real life, but in a movie..... that's in a movie. Which some male screenwriter wrote, and re-wrote, which some male studeo exec edited and re-edited. The goal of which was to make a script, any script, that would help the movie sell. Did you know that when a movie goes up to get backing, the potiential backers/investors never view the entire movie? All that's created is 5-15 minutes of "pizazz" to sell the movie? Also known as "moments in a movie", which would include that quote you point out. The people I mentioned were not making quotes in movies, they were commenting in real life, based on their real life experiences. They "got around" hundreds, if not thousands, of times more than you, me, and 90% of the population. Back to what I said, back to what SheepishLord said, it's a serioius subject the idea that a guy must be "hung" and any guy not "hung" is useless, and not a guy. Being "hung" does not = being able to bring a woman to orgasim. Being able to bring a woman to orgasim = what every guy should be aiming for. I'll give another real life example that shows size is NOT related to bringing a woman to orgasm. After the movie "Elf" came out, one of the stars, Peter Dinklage ....... The Man on the tabletop in the middle of this picture One of many examples of him having "something" women can't describe that makes them want to orgasm Another example, which no well "hung" guy has ........ goes into a New York City nightspot. Few of the women know who he is. Hell, few of the women can even see him until he speaks. He proceeds to get the phone numbers of everywoman he targets, as well as lay them, much to the dismay of every single other "hung" guy in the nightspot. One of the women was later interviewed by the gossip section of two major NY Newspapers. "Why did you give him your phone number?", the reporter asked. "I don't know," replied the TALL, attractive woman "I don't normally give out my number to strangers who just come up to me. But there was something about him, his confidance, the way he came up to me." To repeat the main point again - penis length does not bring a woman to orgasim. Especially the high level orgasm SheepishLord mentioned on page 1. Knowing how to manipulate a woman's clitoris > being well "hung".
  8. Increasing Breast Size...

    1. SheepishLord answered the original poster in full. He said it's not about the size, it's about the health of the guy. It's about the guy learning how to bring the woman to orgasm - which has NOTHING to do with how long the penis is. Now do you get it? One can't be more specific than that. 2. Next, if YOU believe 7 inches is "hung" then that's sad. What do you consider avarage? 4 inches? "Hung" is basically a penis soo long, that it cannot completly 100% fit inside an avarage sized woman (Avarage sized woman : consider a woman either same height as the guy, or up to his shoulder in height.) 9 inches or more is litterally "hung" for men around 6 feet tall. Witch, you are also sad due to the fact you are saying any man under 7 inches is worthless, is not a man, is less likely to bring a woman to orgasim. 2b. In a way, "hung" does not exist, since a taller woman will have a deeper vagina. A man who is "hung" to a 5 foot woman, will not be "hung" to a 7 foot woman. ("hung" meaning the real definition which is that the penis is not able to 100% fit inside the woman.) 3. The majority of organisms for a woman are NOT the result of a penis being huge, long, or "hung". The majority of sex is mental. (Some say 99%). If the woman is intensly intrested mentally, and turned on by the guy mentally, then she is on her way. Basically, its the full package of the guy. It could be his job, the shared aura or vibe between her and the guy, his income, social standing, that he wears a uniform, the sex position (eg: doggy style - she finds it "kinky" aka not following social "norms"), that her family would not approve of the guy... ["ohhh, if only Daddy knew who I was having sex with hahah"] etc... all examples that intensly turn women on mentally which leads to orgasms. NOT the length of the guys penis. 4. Brad Pitt once made a candid observation. Which was that it all comes down to how a guy manipulates a womans clitoris. A man who knows how to manipulate it, has experience in manipulating it, can easily bring a woman to orgasm, and even the high level orgasm SheepishLord talks about on page 1 of this thread. This has NOTHING to do with how long a guy's penis is. 4b. As long as the penis is long enough to NOT come out of the vagina on every stroke, then it is long enough to do its job. So a 3 to 4 inch penis can work just as well as a 7 inch penis. The vagina is extreemly accomodating. 4c. A penis that is "hung" , soo long that all of it cannot fit inside the vagina, is at risk of causing the woman pain. Which obvioiusly is not conductive to giving her an orgasm. Banging too hard against a woman's cervix hurts her. As long as the penis can reach a woman's cervix without banging into it too hard, then all possible pleasureable bases are covered. Since the vagina is extreemly accomodating to ALL sizes, including a penis 3 inches, it means a "hung" penis is "useless". A guy who puts all his attention and efforts into trying to become "hung" is wasting his time. He SHOULD be putting his effort into learing how, what, and gaining experience in what stimulates a womans clitoris. 5. Speaking from my personal experience, and I consider myself avarage sized, even though I fit Witch's "definition" of "hung". All the women I've been with have had orgasim after I did foreplay on their entire body, and from either them, or me, stimulating their clitoris. IMHO (And strictly IMHO) a guy who knows how to use his tongue on the clitoris can bring a woman to climax the quickest, and highest. ADD the fact the woman has to also have NO sexual hangups (see trauma. Like too strict religious upbringing saying all sex is dirty, filthy, etc...) Sooooooooooo......... to the original poster who asked how to make his penis bigger, as long as you are 3-4 inches or bigger while erect, and are able to cum, you can relax. Concentrate on learning not to cum too quick, getting into good overall physical shape - diet, good circulation, good looking body, no or as little pot belly as possible, good hygiene - exercise, and have a positive good self esteem. Get into hobbies that intrest you, do something you are good at, or that intrests, you. Do volunteer work. Follow the majority of advice on this site from SheepishLord and others on this site about building up your Higher Self, spirit, Inner Self (Kundalini, Dharma, etc.... things in the links section, etc....) All help build good self esteem. Finally, Arnold Schwartzenegger also made a candid comment on penis size. That it's simply a metal game among guys. He talked about how once he partook in an orgy with a stripper. Him and a group of guys went upstairs and did an orgy with her. He said the guys who remained downstairs felt that they had small dicks. That only the guys who felt they had big dicks went upstairs and joined in the orgy. If a guy with a 4 inch length felt he was big, he went upstairs, joined the orgy on the woman, and had no problems with no one. If a guy with a 6 inch length felt he was too small, or would not compare to the other guys, he ended up staying downstairs. It's all mental.
  9. Worlds oldest Person died

    Ahhh yesss! Something else I almost forgot about. No matter how powerful the teacher, student, practicioner, no matter how leearned they are, no matter how advanced they are.... it comes to this first over all else. Here it is !!! Print it out, and read through it every day heheh!! Basically, it's a dissection of Karma. Karma dissected. It's why someone like George Burnes can smoke a big fat cigar for decades and live to old age ... and still be vital and strong, and walk! And why many of the world's biggest health nuts die almost instantly all of a sudden dropping dead at a relativly young age. And yes, it applies to cultivation students, teachers, masters, all. So, Jane Pitman may have had far more wisdom and merit than JD Rockerfeller. The lady mentioned in the first post in this thread may have had more wisdom and MERIT than many cultivation masters, thus she outlived them. Many cultivation students, and masters may simply not live super-long because they do not have enough wisdom and MERIT ... in this life/carnation go around.
  10. Worlds oldest Person died

    There is something everyone, the media, and even most posters on this site MISS!!! It's the oldest K N O W N person in the world who died. There are plenty of people OLDER who are still alive. For many various reasons, they have no wish to be known, famous, or to contact the media. Here is a great example... - Plenty of people can whup the current Boxing Heavyweight Champion "of the world". - Plenty of people can whup the winner of those strongman tournaments in which they fight in cages, grapple, etc.. - African runners have existed for thousands of years. Only recently in the past 10 years or so have they "suddently" dominated the world track and running scene. Change African to Russian women, Mexican runners, etc.. etc.... - And why the heck is the American Baseball championship still called the "WORLD" series?!? The point is... far bigger, stronger, better, people simply have no intrest, no means, or whatever, to be in the media limelight. Sooo... it is the oldest KNOWN person who died. It is the most recently KNOWN man who went to the north pole, south pole, orbited earth, went to the moon, etc... etc....
  11. girls kissing

    What's the big deal? It's in mainstream movies. Go rent "Starsky and Hutch" with Vince Vaughn, Owin Wilson, Ben Stiller, Snoop Dogg, Carmen Electra and Amy Smart. Owin Wilson has a 3 some with 2 girls at the same time on a couch with everyone kissing. And.... and.... on it goes. So... no big deal.... 2 girls kissing is mainstream blase. LOL!
  12. I have some questions about QuickBooks Edition 2006. A friend of mine recently got QuickBooks Pro Editon 2006, for her small buisness. She is the owner, and employs 4 other people. She is having a problem figuring out how to enter information, and asked me to help her with it. I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with this program? And if yes, can you help answer some questions? 1. In the top menu, click on where it says "Report Center". A new window opens called "Reports". Scroll down a bit, and see the heading called "Income and Expenses". Click on the link called "Expenses by Vendor Detail". A new smaller window opens called "Expenses By Vendor Detail". Questions: - HOW does one get the info for the buisness to appear, to be listed, to be entered, in that last window? - How does one change the entered, and listed, info for the buisness that is in that last window? - Is it possible to change the template menu lists? And put in ones own menu list title instead of what they already have?(where it says 'type' 'date' 'num' 'memo' 'account' 'clear' 'split' 'amount' 'balance') 2. Going back to the window that says "Reports". Scroll down a bit and see the heading called "Balance Sheet & Net Worth". Click on the link called "Details". A new window will open. Questions about this specific window: - HOW does one get the info fro the buisness to appear, to be listed, to be entered, in that last window? - How does one change the entered, and listed, info for the buisness that is in that last window? - Is it possible to change the template menu lists? And put in ones own menu list title instead of what they already have?(where it says 'type' 'date' 'num' 'memo' 'account' 'clear' 'split' 'amount' 'balance') THANK You in advance to anyone who can answer all these questions, or as many of them as you can!
  13. Chuck Norris

    Steven Segal suffers from the same problem. Bruce Lee commented on this. In a nutshell, there are 2 types of martial arts: 1. Real life martial arts. Meaning, you want the fight to last as SHORT as possible, and your intentions are to flee or fight. (Fighting is part of fleeing too. Dissabeling your opponet enough so you can flee.) 2. Hollywood/film/movie martial arts. Meaning, you want the fight to last as LONG as possible. Your intentions are to pose, pose, pose. This works best when, and IF, the fighter cherographs their own fight moves and/or someone who IS a martial artist is in charge of cherographing the fight moves. Chuck Norris, and Steven Segal, the majority of the time do not have martial artists cherographing their moves. And if they do it theirselves, they have not studied the above two points mentioned by Bruce Lee. This is why Chuck seems to do the exact same move all the time in every single movie. He first has not arrived at the above two points. He has not made the effort to further study film aka become his own cherographer. Add to this list of good real life martial artists, who have "failed" on film: Chuck Norris, Steven Segal, ERNIE (anyone remember ERNIE? Around age 12 he was beating up grown men! Had his own TV show for a bit), Jean Claude-Van Damme, Cynthia Rothrock, the guy who made that movie "Gymkata", and other much lesser known names not worth wasting space. (Like the guy who made all the "American Ninja" movies LOL!.) Bruce Lee studied film from age 4 onward. As well as martial arts. Jackie Chan was and understudy of Bruce Lee. Hanging out with Lee, and even appearing in some of his movies. ADD the fact that Bruce Lee was involved in real life or death battles. There is no substitute experience for having won real life battles. For experiencing the real life "killer instinct". Chuck Norris, and the rest of them, were Tournament fighters. First, there are RULEs. Then there is a refferee. Yadda, yadda. It's what made Mike Tyson rip apart opponets in the ring in 10 seconds or less - he was fighting for his life on the streets of New York City. He had the real life "killer instinct". Another example is in the book on the Hell's Angels. The founder Sonny Berger tells of how the Hell's Angels would always kick the s--- out of every martial artist they'd on purpose start fights with. Knocking them out cold in 1-2 fistsmashes. (They would go into "square" bars, see a guy dancing with a girl, and on purpose walk up to the girl and snatch her away from her "square" guy. The "square" guy would go into Tournament martial arts stance and mode. When he came to, he was in back of an ambulance..) Because the Hell's Angels constantly, every night to once a week, were in life or death fights with other bike gangs. (like the Gypsie Jokers, the Breed, and tons of others.) Every single Hell's Angel got in touch with the "killer instinct". -------------------------- Soooo... to anyone who wants to be the best possible martial artist, in the movies and on TV: 1. Study film! Everything in front of the camera, and behind the camera. Go to school for it, work under people already in the industry. Observe. Lighting is most important. As well as the other stuff - music, story, plot, etc... 2. READ! Read classic lit, lit from as many different countries as you can. So one will be able to bring "newer" ideas to the screen for plots. 3. Yes, train under good martial arts instructors. IMHO the best ones are Asian. Or next best least choose one whose master was Asian. 3b. Get into running 10k races. Excellent stamina, and mind strength builder! 4. Yes, on purpose get involved in real life street fights. Go into any Asiantown, stand on the sidewalk, sooner or later if you are non-Asian, some young punks will on purpose try to kick your a--. Even better, travel to other Asian countries, as soon as you step off the airplain, young punks will try to kick your a-- every 2 seconds LOL! Get an Asian woman, and they will try to kick your a-- non-stop! You will be forced to experience the "killer instinct"!!! 5. Up to ya if ya want to then partake in Tournament fighting. The USA is the best location for best visibility. Sooner or later Hollywood will notice you.
  14. Soy is bad news.

    A question for everyone here: What do all of you think about SOY milk, soy rice, and other soy food, that is purchased in Koratown, Chinatown, or Asiatown? Soy products that are imported from Korea, China, and Asia? Made in Asia? Do Asians make their soy products up to better standards? What do you guys think about rice milk? Rice pudding? And other rice products? The past few months, I have been starting to drink rice milk, and am thinking of using it instead of Soy milk. I visit Koreatown, Chinatown, Asiatowns, off and on, and buy soy products there.
  15. Immortality

    It is more varried than that - - People who want to die simply do suicide and boom... its over. - Then you have people who slowly do suicide. They're just too lazy to do it right, and do it quick! - Then there's fake suiciders. They really want to live, but are lonely, want attention, whatever. They haven't learned ya have to be your OWN best friend. Ya need to stop giving other people power over ya. "Ohhh I have tons of friends it means I'm worth something!" "Oh I dont have tons of friends it means I'm worthless!". - Then ya have people who simply accept death. This has nothing to do with wanting to die. All it means is ya don't fear death. Ya don't let the fear of dying rule your thoughts. Once you accept death, you become more free. Less worries, your able to do things. Really relax, whatever. Waste less brain power worrying, and spend more brain power on other suff, goals,.......