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AstralProjectee introduction.

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Hi all seekers of the Tao.

My screen name is AstralProjectee. My real name is David. I am a seeker, seeking spirituality in the Tao and entheogens. I think they both complement each other in the spiritual journey of many. Each entheogen has something to teach. Though I do think that Taoism should be the foundation of ones spiritual walk. I have just started this spiritual walk. I like reading Bruce Frantzis I think he's great. I also like Tarthang Tulku though Tarthang is a Buddhist. He really does not come off as religious about being Buddhist but being practical. He has some of the most profound insights I have came across about reality. I usually get my spiritual books through the library.


My hope is to use Taoism and entheogens to open up the energy gates of my body and heal myself of a long standing health condition that I have. I know a lot, of what must be done, in order to achieve that goal. Dissolving will be one of the main things on my list, as it will offset any side effects of opening my chakras. I find that the Taoist have a straight forward way of getting things done and reaching liberation which I really like. Unlike Hinduism and others which can take life times to achieve.


On a last note I think Kum Nye is what we are all missing. The ability to feel and feel with subtle feelings of oneness with our bodies. Kum Nye offers a way to do that. In this day and age most of us are disconnected with our bodies Kum Nye fixes that. It heals us at the deepest core of our being with feeling.


I am not looking for any debate on this thread so please save that for later.


Thank you.

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