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  1. When I was a child my mom and dad taught me how to interpret dreams and parables in the Bible so I am familiar with how it works.
  2. I have used and can get psychedelics. Can I use them to speed up cultivation?
  3. We always have haters, in fact the more successful you are the more haters there will be. But the best way to deal with such haters is to use what Jordan Peterson calls "Minimum Necessary Force."
  4. Stop getting angry over stuff like this. It's not worth it. I view newbies asking you if you can do things like John Chang no different than a child that asks their dad if they can dunk a basketball like Micheal Jordan. Look we newbies don't know any better. Stop taking it so personally. We are just looking for someone to learn from.
  5. I don't know what your talking about. I am very much a newbie to this whole thing so.
  6. All this seems out of my league. I think I am going to cryonically vitrify myself and be reanimated in the space age when doing alchemy is common place then I can re-engineer my body and mind then live a very long time and attain spiritual immortality.
  7. What does that mean in layman's terms as I am a newbie?
  8. The other day I read that people from the dzogchen in the tibetan nyingma tradition have been known to attain the rainbow body more than any more tradition.
  9. I would imagine that there have been people that have already distilled this jungle of rubbish and made a path out of it, and put it into a book.
  10. Ocean of rebirth? Where did you learn of this ocean of rebirth? How does it work? Also IMO when I think of how mantras work I tend to think that they do nothing by selves but that it's only our intent which makes the mantras effective if effective at all. Thoughts?
  11. Yes I want to attain John Chang levels of cultivation. Do you know how I can find a teacher to do that?
  12. Of course, I want to find the practices that lead to spiritual immortality. Similar to what John Chang used to gain his enlightenment.
  13. Really? What about breaking the cycle of reincarnation, or attaining the rainbow body of great transference?
  14. In my edit I wrote "Obviously I am not talking about physical immortality but spiritual immorality where one doesn't have to reincarnate again."