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    Can we communicate directly through our private emails?


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  2. Or if their are a couple of them let me know. I've heard of Jing before. Thanks.
  3. Feminine play on the theme of sex in my dream.

    I think a dream forum would be better for this topic. But I thought you guys would have some input that would be unique and different. If anyone has anything to add i will be glad to hear it. Thanks.
  4. Feminine play on the theme of sex in my dream.

    I am naturally underweight. I have been seeing my endocrinologist and told her about it. And I've gotten many blood tests done. We did a base line test which showed my estradiol is low. Even when taking small amounts of progesterone and estradiol for a while, we found that my testosterone was much higher than the estradiol. Probably because of the progesterone was more often than not getting converted to testosterone not estradiol. While the estradiol stayed in the normal range even though i was taking it. I don't take very much of either of them, but if taken for a while I really do notice it, as it has a chance to saturate my whole body. I am very sensitive to medicines. And a little will usually go a long way for me. And yes, I got the amitriptyline from my doctor which is also known to increase dreams. When I first started taking estradiol I noticed my dreams increase with vivid color but that waned a bit.
  5. Hello everyone, Well I thought I would post this here since you guys are familiar with the spiritual as well as the bodies energies. OK so I have been taking hormones estrogen and progesterone plus I take sleep aids and amitriptyline. I am a guy so I think that has something to do with it. So I have been feeling great. And am able to make more jokes. The other day I was feeling good, and went to sleep, and had this dream of this young lady that was around me and my friend. I kept making her laugh. And she kept doing things. She eventually got naked and was running around. And I didn't say anything. I just ignored it. Then she came back. And I was joking around saying. Did you see that girl, she was just running right through here naked? Can you believe that? Of course I was just joking about it, and she was laughing. Knowing full well that it was her. Then I was minding my own business and she came over to me and whispered in my ear and said: "lets have sex". I got a hard on then in the morning. Meaning a threesome with my friend. And I told her that she would have to ask my friend. Knowing that he probably would not want to do that. Then i woke up. Now I have never had a threesome. Or sex with any lady. I use porn. But I have always felt that women were out of my reach from my highly Conservative Christian background. I am a funny and smart guy in real life but I have been bogged down by a pretty bad health condition. So I am wondering if any of you as Taoists have insights into this. Note I don't think any of this would have happened if I didn't take the women hormones estrogen and progesterone. Which make a women and women. They estradiol is so powerful it can even make a man grow boobs. So I can only imagine what it does to the brain. BTW estradiol is what I am taking. The way we were playing around in the dream is so like the female energy. All the things were in place for make for the perfect play of the famine. There was no just plain out sex. There was joking. And in the end she came to me and whispered in my ear which is the feminine way of initiating sex. I am not trying to sound all brag as much as I want to learn from this. I have also been feeling this really noticeable feeling of love and compassion. I have also been hearing this very subtle but beautiful music in my mind. God...... I can want for scientists to open up our hearts with real medicine that heals the soul. And no wonder Suzanne Somers says she loves hormones so much. LOL This dream was definitely out of the ordinary for me to have. Any thoughts as Taoists. about the feminine energy manifesting like this in this guys body, with my beliefs? This is very fascinating to me. Perhaps I should post this on the dream forum too.
  6. Can anyone make a non-believer here feel their chi?

    The sooner the above happens, the sooner the traditional secretive Taoist traditions will start breaking from their tradition of secrecy to start telling the world secrets which have been kept secrets for thousands of years. It is up to you to do this if you can. Do be secretive. Where would scientists be today if they all just never told anyone there secrets and they formed a cult where nobody could get in. They had super cheap energy devices and they could make anything easily and cheaply. They were rich and they didn't tell everyone else. Because they thought the others were not ready for it yet. Or some BS.
  7. Can anyone make a non-believer here feel their chi?

    I say if you know you can make other feel your chi, then there is no reason why you can't prove it. Besides until James Randi is satisfied no hardcore pseudo-skeptics will be satisfied either. You we need to do is take a highly respected person like James Randi to do it within the pseudo-skeptic community. You can choose to have only sensitive women as your testers as they are probably more sensitive to chi probably and have them fill out a questionnaire as to how sensitive they are in life. They can't be in a punk rock croup for instance. They need to be mellow in life that is not stressful. In order to be sensitive enough for this study. Preferably a young to mid-age women that does not have a stressful job and the job is non-physical. They need to listen to mellow music. Like classical or country. They need to almost have a third sense in life for the finer things, (Whatever that is.). I don't think this would matter to James Randi but it would be a great benefit for you. The benefits to society would be priceless. I can imagine chi centers popping up all over the place in order for people to discover and refine their chi. Within 100 years it will have a compounding effect and it will put a spotlight on what real spiritual progress is. It's progress one can make through meditation, chi production and chi optimization. Peace.
  8. Can anyone make a non-believer here feel their chi?

    Look, what I am trying to get at is, if someone here knows they can make a non-believer feel their chi. Then they should go to the James Randi foundation and say: "hey, I have this ability that allows me to send chi to other people and they can feel it and they know when they feel it and when they don't feel it. So I want my skills put to the test so that I can win a million dollars and most importantly help prove to the world that chi is real, and even more importantly that Taoism and meditation are real, and they need to be practised by more people. So then most importantly we can debunk some of the myths and get the word out about the truth of real spiritual growth. In order to help us here on this earth evolve more faster. Peace.
  9. Can anyone here either move chi into someone else or make someone's own chi get stirred up in them to the point that they know it was definitely chi and not just a placebo?
  10. OK I realize that other traditions have a lot in common with Taoism. What are the main differences in practice or effects not belief? Thanks.
  11. The Taosit practices that are avalible?

    I would imagine that some books in china have been more valuable for Taoist practices than western books.
  12. OK, so my question is. How good is the information that is available out there to the general public about Taoist practices? Another good related question is. Does your guru or teacher tell you things that your pretty sure are not available to the general public? Thanks.
  13. Where spirituality and science meet, Genes and Taoism.

    Interesting thought, it would make sense that the more primitive parts of the brain of a master would have such an ability under something as power of meditation. Peace and light!
  14. Where spirituality and science meet, Genes and Taoism.

    I disagree. Besides I just gave a study that found meditation genes. I can find the link if you want. All you have to do is test mediator and non-meditators and look at the gene differences. As far as being born with deleted genes, that is I believe in only certain cases where people were found to have some medical problem. You can have deactivated genes but unlikely to have deleted genes. Did you read what I said in my other posts. I said that we would use sets or groups of genes at different stages. Do you want to retract that statement. You don't understand what I am saying. What I am saying is that in maybe 500 years from now we will probably have safe tested reliable gene therapies for guiding one on the spiritual path. We will have a beginner group of genes for beginners. Then when they have advanced with that group of genes then they can phase out into another group of genes for intermediates. And so on. We will find these beginner, intermediate and advanced groups of spiritual genes by testing different groups of naturally spiritual people at those different stages to find the genes that are activated at each stage of the spiritual path. A beginner should not take advanced genes, as that will case problems. As far as height, we'll enlightened people don't grow, so neither will the genes in the gene therapy cause a height problem. Since we will test enlightened ppl to find those genes. Obviously we will just have the option for gene therapy only later in life, as an option, and then as we find a definite way to enhance spirituality at conception then we can deal with that then. Which is much, much later after probably hundreds of thousands of studies. This is obviously something you don't want to play around with unless you fully understand and test what you are doing first. Peace!
  15. Where spirituality and science meet, Genes and Taoism.

    I agree cat. I am sure when meditators years ago first starting working with kundalini or chi they got hurt. I'm sure quite a few died, but in the end they established rules to which you can use chi. That should not stop us from learning which gene groups to activate first. I would imagine we can activate one group work with that for a while then another group. And so on. We will not move on the the next group until there are goals that have been meet first. Peace!