Signs of the lotus opening?

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Despite the life being in turmoil (wife wants a divorce, job is tanking, having trouble making money), I am feeling energized and joyous. I couldn't sleep last night. Stayed up til 1:30AM, then went to the gym to workout. Got home at 2:30 AM. Went to sleep. Got up at 5AM after having mild night sweats. Meditated for 25 minutes then went on a bike ride.


Are these typical signs of a crown chakra starting open?

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I don't know if your activities have a lot to do with the actual crown chakra "opening"

In truth, your crown chakra is always a little bit open; it is one of the most vital points energetically and physiologically to help keeping your balance.

do you have pleasant sensations in your head?

if you wave your hand above your scalp do you feel anything?

The area on your scalp actually is a cone shaped field that, if thrown out of balance, can give people motion sickness, poor balance, and even vertigo.

I've experienced it :lol:


Are you sure you're just not running from something? Sounds like you might just be stressed and trying to deal with your problems by being a "human doing"

Keep up practice.. Don't exercise too much though. You might end up with an "energy deficit."

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