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  1. Tips for dealing with night sweats?

    UPDATE: Still having night sweats, but not as severe. I don't need to get up and towell off in the middle of the night, but my shirt generally does end up wet. It seems to happen around 11:30 PM every night. The TCM clock I found online seems to indicate this could be a gall bladder issue. Possibly an anger issue?
  2. From those that have experienced a dark night of the soul, can you tell me if you were able to keep your inner peace and tranquility through it? If so, what helped you?
  3. Tips for dealing with night sweats?

    I think the time I start sweating depends more upon how far into my sleep cycle I am rather than a specific time. But I will investigate. Thank you.
  4. Tips for dealing with night sweats?

    I don't drink alcohol but do drink green tea. Maybe I need to slow down on that. Liquid Magnesium? That sounds good. Magnesium is natures relaxer. However, I prefer to take in nutrition through food. I somewhat buy into the idea that natural foods have the right combinations of thousands of nutiients, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, etc. But seeing as I'm almost never hungry these days, I might just need to do the liquid magnesium.
  5. Tips for dealing with night sweats?

    Curious to know if things got "better for you" after this detox period. This awakening has kind of sucked so far. By that, I mean that I have had health problems, financial probelms, marital problems, you name it. It has been brutal. I hope to find that "rainbow" and the pot of gold that goes with it soon...
  6. I'm having night sweats every night now. My sheets are soaked. I typically wake up and need to dry off with a towell 2 times a night. Anyone have any tips for me? (seeking serious answers, I can see how this would be a fun topic to joke about).
  7. OK everyone, I feel like something significant is happening. For 2-3 days (ever since starting the Hemi-Sync Mind Food CD), I have had a ton of energy. I get 3-4 hours of sleep a night. I eat 1-1.5 meals a day. I feel the need to workout like a mad man to release this energy. I have been journaling every day multiple times a day. That went on for 2+ days, maybe 3. Then yesterday I crashed in the early evening. Slept for 7 hours. Had low energy today. Needed several naps. Couldn't focus at work. Took a couple of trips to the forest, walked in nature, hugged some trees, did some deep breathing exercises. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
  8. Despite the life being in turmoil (wife wants a divorce, job is tanking, having trouble making money), I am feeling energized and joyous. I couldn't sleep last night. Stayed up til 1:30AM, then went to the gym to workout. Got home at 2:30 AM. Went to sleep. Got up at 5AM after having mild night sweats. Meditated for 25 minutes then went on a bike ride. Are these typical signs of a crown chakra starting open?
  9. Anyone tried Hemi Sync meditations? If so, what did you think?
  10. Looking for guidance in a difficult space

    I'm no guru. In fact, I am on the path to enlightenment but still have a ways to go in my journey. So please consider the source. But as you asked for my input, I shall share it. 1. Is enlightenment worth pursuing if you can't fit into society at some level? If you can't earn a living? If you must become a burden to others? If you can't act out of love, compassion and joy with your wife? That life hardly seems like a life worth living. As much as our souls want union with the divine, we also strive for communion and fellowship with others and to make a positive impact on society. These must be incorporated to a healthy life style in my opinion. 2. If you are depressed, go within. Ask yourself what limiting thoughts and behaviors are taking you away from your heart center where your truth is? Our true nature is that of the creator: light, love, joy, compassion. If your thoughts are taking you away from this space, let them go, dissociate from them and find other thoughts. Work on yourself. Test to see if your negative thoughts are true. Imagine how you would feel without those negative thoughts, then replace them with thoughts that add to your peace or your joy. Change your thoughts, change your world. 3. Set goals of the physical world and strive to achieve them. We almost always feel fulfilled when what we are doing is fully engaging us. You gotta have balance. Find a nice mix of spiritual and phsyical pursuits.
  11. I saw someone wearing a necklace the other day. The necklace was black leather, string or possibly rubber. The pendant was clearly a fish hook, possibly carved in jade. Any spiritual significance to this type of pendant? I was drawn to it immediately.
  12. I'm contemplating walking to work

    Do you happen to own a bicycle? I thinking riding a bike makes more sense from a time standpoint. You could certainly ride your bike 15 miles per hour depending on the type of bike and the terrain.
  13. Late night cravings?

    It's funny that you mention that, because I had that very thought this morning. I plan on fixing either some vegetarian chili or red beans and rice. I was thinking that my body might be craving more b vitamins.
  14. Is awakening always a call to service?

    I do serve in little ways nearly every day. Always have. One day I might take the neighbors trash cans up from the street for them. One night I might coach soccer practice for the kids when their coach is a no show. But it feels kind of silly that one's life would be turned upside down and to go through all that I have been through simply to do small acts of kindness. especially as I have always done these types of things. Something still seems missing. I feel like I just need a spark. Something to come into my life that lights my fire that I am truly passionate about...
  15. Late night cravings?

    Lately, I have been snacking in the midle of the night. I wake up and can't seem to get back to sleep unless I eat something. It's not for lack of sufficient calories during the day. I eat plenty. But maybe I am missing certain nutrients? That's my theory anyway. I tend to view cravings as your bodies way ot telling you that you need a certain nutrient that is in whatever food you are craving. My craving lately has been wholewheat bagels or cereal. Does anyone else have these? My rule of thumb is generally to not eat after 8 PM. But for the last 3 nights I have snacked after 11PM. Any ideas as to what could be going on? Shoudl I give in to the craving? How to curb them?