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nose breathing

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Thelerner sent me a copy of "Body, Mind, and Sport" and in there the author recommends retraining one's body to breathe through the nose even during heavy exercise. He says that it takes about 6 months to make the switch to the point that one will experience higher levels of performance.


Essentially, it sounds a lot like Sonnon's stuff but much simpler.


I've tried it and so far it seems to be teaching me the same things that Scott is into, just simpler... if you breathe through your nose, you'll automatically slow your rate of breathing, breathe more deeply, and exhale more strongly than the inhale.


Which also overlaps with all the sexual chikung material too.


Much easier to understand this way, imo. He also adds in 'Darth Vader' breathing as an add-on practice. Says that the brain gets more chi through nose breathing too.



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