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Hello All

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Hello Tao Bums!


I've been interested in celibacy and an Internet search on celibacy showed the Tao Bums near the top. I see a lot of information on male celibacy but I'm also interested in female celibacy which wasn't once mentioned.


Looking further into it, it's no surprise. The demographics of this forum is 60 pages of male members, 14 pages of female members, and 2 pages of people who won't tell. Certainly the topics will be male-centric.


Reading about male celibacy, I can see there are many maladies that can come from males suppressing their sexual energies. I assume females would experience the same but I'm not certain.


All very fascinating and I would love to discuss in the main forums what your masters/teachers have had to say about all this.


Thanks for letting me join your group,



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