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  1. [TTC Study] Chapter 29 of the Tao Teh Ching

    Often when I read this passage, I am reminded of all those people who want to save the world. These days, it's all about going green. There are many reasons for why people promote renewable energies, recycling, and reducing waste. Some people seem to do this because they have respect for the environment around them. Who come to mind are some Japanese whose traditions, stemming from animism, believe that all around them have spirits. To recycle, to not waste, to use clean energy is a form of respect. It is a natural behavior resulting from a certain belief. Some people seem to do this because they feel the world will become torturous to live in and they would like to prolong an enjoyable existence for future generations on earth. Meaning, the rainforests will die, global warming ("climate chaos") will reduce agricultural output and cause starvation, clean drinking water will become scarce, disastrous climate will take over like floods, tornadoes, etc., and pollution will prevail causing many diseases. Attempting to save the world is a natural behavior of those who want to exercise self preservation. Some people seem to do this to go with the crowd and not be made guilty because it is now a "sin" to throw recyclables into the the trash bin. It is because they want to appear to be part of the predominant local political affiliation that they act "green". It is natural to want to go with the crowd. No matter the reason, there are two ways to go about saving the world. One is to do so privately and without intruding on others' lives. The other is by fighting and spending a lot of energy and will to try to save the earth. They might have the same natural reasons to save the world but they argue and accuse, make a huge sensation out of waste and pollution. They try to topple existing powers by force. Chapter 29 of the Dao De Jing seems to advise against the second type of forced, fighting behavior. Being active in saving the world is going to be useless using this method. People will see this act of confrontation and fight back. Certainly, it's happening now with the Republicans adamantly against any laws that will force companies or individuals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That is why I believe the saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." When I'm in a liberal area like the west coast or the north east, I will gladly put my waste in appropriate recycle bins. If I am further inland or in the south, I don't mind throwing all my waste in landfills. Because in the end, I can't improve a perfect universe and to try will only hurt it. I can only do what is natural to me. And to me, I like following the crowd.
  2. "The seas laugh, lashing on both shores. Carried in the waves, we only know the here and now. The heavens laugh at the troubled world. Only they know who is to win and lose." --Swordsman

  3. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "I have heard the sages of old talk about an archer who used a bow made of very weak strip of wood and a bowstring made of a thin string of cotton to shoot down two birds with one arrow. He could do this because his attention was focused and he understood the balance of give and pull." --Ch'u fisherman in Lieh-Tzu translated by Eva Wong
  4. Hello All

    Hello Tao Bums! I've been interested in celibacy and an Internet search on celibacy showed the Tao Bums near the top. I see a lot of information on male celibacy but I'm also interested in female celibacy which wasn't once mentioned. Looking further into it, it's no surprise. The demographics of this forum is 60 pages of male members, 14 pages of female members, and 2 pages of people who won't tell. Certainly the topics will be male-centric. Reading about male celibacy, I can see there are many maladies that can come from males suppressing their sexual energies. I assume females would experience the same but I'm not certain. All very fascinating and I would love to discuss in the main forums what your masters/teachers have had to say about all this. Thanks for letting me join your group, Alizais