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deci belle

The aim

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The aim is diffused brilliance

Not employed for affirmation

But entrusted to the potential~

This is called using clarity effectively.


Establishing inward discipline

afterwards deflecting externals,

Advancing when celestial energy is insufficient

and withdrawing when mundanity arises;

adapting impersonally in accord with the situation.


This describes the principle of the firing process.


The firing process of spiritual alchemy

Is simply complete awareness

Of ordinary affairs

Without knowing feelings and opinions.


The foundation is sincere openness

Which is without bias or inclination:

Nothing inside coming out

Nothing outside going in.


Firmly advancing the fire is Difficulty:

following the heart's desire

without stepping over the line.


Flexibly withdrawing the fire is Innocence:

freeing potential by being

unminding in all situations.


The function of true freedom

Is what frees the other

over and over again.


This describes yin convergence.


The reality whereby origin and completion are affected

is the true intent of the human body which has no location.

Because it contains the impulse of life within it,

it is called the center.


I call it the aim of the true teacher.

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