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peter falk


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i c alotta talk about non-action. it doesn't mean "not doing anything." it refers to a state of being when the dao becomes spontaneous, adn by being spontaneous, effortless. in other words, you just don't notice what yer doing, u just do it.


take yer kan and li formulas fer instance: when you first learn them, it requires action. you put on the tape and listen and go thru the meditation, or ya haul yer ass up to dao moutnain and take a workshop or wonder int he mountains of china or the Gobi desert looking for a teacher.


ONCE YOU LEARN THE FORMULAS, they become yours. no more action, nore "practice" is required. they occur spontaneously and continuously. that's what non-action is. and the further you take this non-action, the more awakened you become and that much closer to and more consistently in "the dao."

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