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Hello from Belgium

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I am a 23 year old man with sincere and deep rooted interest in esoteric/occult topics,practises and the Great Work. I have been studying the principles of hermetic thought, hinduism, buddhism, the tao and much more for several years now. My reason for coming to this forum has to do with finding correct tantra/tao guidelines which I hope I will be able to find on this forum of wisdom.


my personal daily (or almost daily ;-)) practises consist of The Middle Pillar, pranayama and the microcosmic orbit. I am quite sensitive to energy and have decided the next step for me is to cultivate the sexual energy (and achieve orgasms without ejaculation).


I originally started reading Mantak Chia's books on this subject but discovered that this is not the best way, hence I hope I will find a more safe and beneficial solution or guidelines on these boards.



Peace and unconditional love

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