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Hang-over cure

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A friend of mine had a hang-over this Sunday, sent her this note below.. thought I'd pass it along. Hang-overs suck.


Below is a picture of a box of "Curing Pills", which you can get in any herb store in any Chinatown, and cost about $2. When I was working at an "elixir bar" and people would come in with a hang-over, I'd give them two of those little vials of pills and within 5 minutes they'd feel significantly better. So much so that every time this happened, they'd be surprised that they felt better before they even left the store, and they'd say so. Every home should have a box or two around. And you don't have to wait for the hang-over; you can take 'em if you've been over drinking and/or over eating. (Its basically a mild digestive formula, anti-nausea.)


Sometimes on the box its spelled with an L, "Culing Pills". Same thing.


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