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Some of my poetry.

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An Explanation


My late night practice

Enhanced as usual by ancient medicine

I was enthralled, taken in, and flew away

Vision expanded, such a high vantage

I was given knowledge and power

Over things far beyond me

It take others decades

To even consider such an act

I jumped in with both feet

The pool was like fire in my mind

Its waters like vacuum

Deepest lake of fire and ice

I shouted loud, disturbed the resting

Those dwellers of the deep

Listened to such piteous wailing

They offered rest, just breathe deeply

I breathed in great gasps and drowned

In the glory and love

There I was shown how to love

Without thought or consideration

I spun wildly, cube to sphere, sphere to platelet

Platelet to integrin, integrin to tendon

And on, and on, around and up, in and out

Then called to and came to me a sphere

I spun with great intent

My cube self is not a cube

My sphere self is not a sphere

I showed the sphere how to extend

Change, do this! Challenge your shape!

Tentatively the sphere opened

We met and joined, it was beautiful

Immortal seeds planted, both spheres gone

One capsule where once there were two

When finally pulled from such a lake

I was drowned but again breathing the thin air

This air is lacking, filthy, and nigh on lifeless

Gone what once was and ever transformed

Ah my Love, you were not conscious of this

You have been there many times though

We will be there again, together

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A young village boy approached an elder

Asking for advice, 'How does one address God?'

The elder looked upon the young one

He said nothing but beckoned

The boy followed


The elder walked well away from the village

Stripped himself before the boy

Danced naked in the sands of the desert

All the while chanting nonsense

The boy left clueless


The next week the boy approached again

The elder beckoned him forward

The pair came upon the well

The elder dropped his loin cloth and pissed

Happily around the well


The boy was confused

He asked, 'Why are you so foul?'

The old man shit in his hand

Made dolls and balls

Then threw the shit high into the air


The boy was distraught

He asked, 'Why do you poison us?'

The elder then milked himself

Rubbed his seed upon his body

The boy cried out in anger without words


The elder then left the boy

Saying only three words

His back unbent

Filth covered body, eyes bright

'God, please forgive.'

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The Whole Frame Sings


Up and down

Legs pumping higher

The chains screech

I swing until I reach that point

Where I am lighter

Weightless for just a moment

It all comes crashing down

The whole frame sings


So it is with our lives

If we launch ourselves like rockets

Without a parachute

The weightlessness is amazing

The view incredible

Ah but the fall

That is the hard part

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In My Arms


Last night I had the sweetest dream

I held you in my arms

I healed you from the sickness

And held you in my arms

You sang to me of the future dear

You held me in your arms

We traveled for fun and smoked and drank

We held each other long

The scent of your hair so right

I covered your mouth so small

Whispered words of love passed between

I held you in my arms

I awoke to find you far away

Weeping, wishing you were in my arms

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The Threads That Bind


Give me not threads of green, red, or blue

I need not envy, anger or sadness from you.

Take not my threads of silver and gold

They are for those I choose to hold.

My diamond lines and squishy silver mind

Are bound by energies pulsating in kind.

I have wrapped and corrupted the cord

Of friendships and loves, of lady and lord.

The darkness traveled back to me

For a year now the destruction I foresee.

It is not fun nor right

To take these offerings of light

Change them subtly and reverse their intent.

Your transformed relationships in a torrent.

Now I choose to heal through sound and touch

Ideas and love do not cost me as much.

Temper, anneal, and ultimately strive

To teach people to be truly alive.

Do it right, do it most, do it first

Not your hardest or your worst.

Rather love and enjoy your life

Worry not, be simple, and free from strife.

Give no heed to those not in need

Only those who deserve it should you feed.

Examine your friends and examine their end

Burned bridges and old wounds try to mend.

Forgive your family but hold them to account

Even damage from them should not taint your fount.

So give forward and pay back

Where you see need and lack.

Give it away and send it free

But remember those threads attached to me.

Those threads that bind heart, soul, and mind

Are not separate but weaved and refined.

Be careful friends with your words and hand

To move forward, each other we must understand.

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