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So, I'm new...

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What's terrible is, as a writer, I'm terrible at writing about myself. It's because I don't do it very much. Anything that feels like a fixed representation of me makes me wary, because it's difficult to live up to whatever that image happens to represent to the person viewing it. I tend to avoid photographs as well. Maybe I'm just insecure, but I believe I once read something about a sage steering their way by doubt and insecurity; so, here's a representation of me, as I exist in this particular moment...



I am a martial artist. I have been since I was little (I'm very tall now, I assure you). I ultimately found the way through martial arts. I study them to study myself. Through that study, I'm lucky to have understood enough to have the privilege of teaching them to others.


My traditional meditative practice is sporadic, but becoming much more common-place in my everyday moments. My non-traditional meditative practices are regular, but not quite common-place, yet. Music is a major tool for me.


I am a syncretic, blending a number of philosophies into a form of the way that feels most natural for me. Science and Metaphysics coexist in my world; one encourages the other; one compliments the other.


I believe in work and progress. I also believe it's important to challenge ourselves daily, because axes don't get sharp without the help of a good grindstone and life can be a very good grindstone if one learns how to dance with it.




Thanks for having me.

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