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Proposed syllabus for study of Bodri's work

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I hope everyone who has already read the book will look at this as an opportunity to go over it in finer detail and offer any insights into Enlightenment/spiritual cultivation.


And for those interested in studying it together or have been on the fence about buying it maybe this is the right time.


I am talking about the 700 page mega e book "How to Measure and deepen your spiritual realization" by Bill Bodri in case someone has just found the site.


My proposed syllabus for it's study is two months long. We would begin next week. Just read at whatever pace and post your opinions or experiences with it. Hopefully we can really get into it and come out at the end with some new insight into the matter.


Here is how I have broken it down after looking over the book. If someone else thinks it can be studied better in another progression by all means put your idea forward.


In any case..starting NEXT week..


week1- Read chapters 1 through 4

week2- Read chapter 5

week 3- Read chapters 6 and 7

week 4- Read chapters 8 and 9

week 5- Read chapter 10

week 6- Read chapters 11 and 12

week 7- Read chapter 13

week 8- Read chapter 14


ideas and comments?

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I'm not familiar with the chapter breakdown, but that sounds like a good plan. Only problem is Christmas vacation. How many of us will be busy with family, etc? I know I'm going out of town for about a week around Christmas, and I'll probably have limited Internet access. But I will continue to study and take notes during this time if we decide to adhere strictly to this plan.



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