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Taoist Philosophy - Chapter 106

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The Guide For The Universe


Great completion seems incomplete;
Yet its usefulness is never exhausted.
Great fullness seems to be empty;
Yet its usefulness is never used up.
Great straightness seems to be bent.
Great skill seems to be clumsy.
Great eloquence seems to stammer.
Great surplus seems lacking.
Activity overcomes cold;
Tranquillity overcomes heat.

The highest perfection is like imperfection
(It assumes fluid form according to circumstances.)
But its use is never impaired.
The greatest abundance seems meager,
But its use will never fail.
Division is the same as union;
Creation is the same as destruction.
There is no such thing as creation or destruction,
For these conditions are leveled together into One.

Therefore it is said that
One who argues does so because he is confused;
A perfect argument does not employ words.
Movement overcomes cold;
Keeping still overcomes heat.
Who is calm and quiet
Becomes the guide for the Universe.
If you’re quiet and tranquil
You can become the ruler of the world.

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