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How To Eliminate Sweat

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I suffer from sweaty palms (and get hot easily

in general)


What practices can I employ (breathing, meditation,

diet) to eliminate or diminish this problem.


Would retention help in this area? I believe anxiety

can be a contributing cause although I don't try to

think of it as a huge issue so in it of itself I think

that helps.

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Practice relaxing, don't clench your fists (notice when heat is in your hands and practice cooling them with a cool surface) (making a hot pocket) and above all BE A BUM(best way to avoid sweating)


EDIT: I used to have the same problem...idk if it went away or not but I think it did....

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Any specific relaxation sources in mind? I don't clench my fists,

try to leave them wide open by my sides, even if they are sweating

at the moment.


Sometimes I notice my trapezius muscles go up, I assume this is

a "tensing up" reaction so I practice making sure my body alignment

at most times is relaxed (when I catch myself).


Also eliminated caffeine sources in my diet (except for the occasional

tea but try to opt in for decaffiented versions most of the time).


Tell me more about being a BUM hehe :)


Overtime, OVERALL i think the problem is decreasing, but if I could

quantify it, perhaps only by 10% every 1-2 months (so it's likely

going to take a year or more before I eliminate the problem for good...)

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