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Thak you for your patience Cat.I really was using strong language in my initial posts & perhaps that was a bit counterproductive :unsure:

but I am actually starting to think that a lot of the conventional terminology used in western spiritual circles could be a bit outworn.I really would like to reinstate Desire as a spiritual virtue,and clean out a lot of the "life is sin" language that haunts our attempts to come to grips with Yogic traditions.


So,in case anybody hasnt guessed,the term "Detachment" is a bit of a bugbear for me.But going off about it seems to be triggering the right kind of debate,so Im sticking to my guns for now :D




i musta missed this post.


cool with the whole language thing.... it would really clear up a lot to get more common agreement on the meaning of certain words, but at the same time it kinda takes away from some of the rich variety of individual interpreatation.... but ahhh..


isn't that the point of us heads?


perhaps start another thread and lets iron some of this out and get some common lingo going perhaps? i think it would find a lot of us shifting in some way....






i'll start.


impeccable: to act from the heart with love but without attachment (eventually blending into sponteneity).


desire: having longing for a particular situation, object or being to the point where they influence ones state of balance.


attachment: the plug in points (hence "attachment") to the big matrix (i don't think i have to define that... it's part of our 'culture' now ;) ) we currently reside in. that is our desire whether it is past, present or future.


detachment: not being attached to a particular desire.


hard work: the process of activity or moving with purpose towards something (even if that goal is endless).


head: a spiritual seeker. those (and they know who they are) who question their reality, who they are and want to know truth.


the chat: a conversation about truth.





feel free to alter or add to these definitions and provide your own.

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