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I've mainly registered here because I love the site's name :-)

Isn't it nice to have a bum? *bursts into a monty python song*


My path to taoism was short and uneventful. Last summer, during my ongoing search on how to help myself - I'm not very healthy and suffer from several chronic illnesses, I've stumbled upon the whole chinese energy worldview. I already knew tai chi was helping people to stay healthier, but I thought it's just a set of physical exercises to keep the joints oiled. So I've discovered there's much more behind it and also qigong, bagua, taoist meditation... Bagua especially caught my interest, because I've studied philosophy a bit before, but only on an intellectual level. And here's a living art literally based on the I Ching, very fascinating.


As it often happens, life handed me the next piece of the puzzle when I was ready for it - Bruce Frantzis announced his Bagua Mastery Program when I was researching bagua, so now I'm a member of that, and also his new Taoist Meditation Circle. I might be the worst adept for this kind of stuff - a westerner with deeply analytical mind (I have an engineering degree) "living in his head". But I'm also a very curious person and I want to see if I can feel and experience all the life energies myself.


You folks seem like a fun bunch, so I'm happy to be around.

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