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look this is it

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sorry my english but let me try ok?


i have not time to look all the thread here so i put the question simple:


Do you know any master that had said: "look this is it" i had read all the Taoist Qi Gong Classics and all the other Energy Classics of the Chinese people, i had study the stuff for years now, and SPECIAL i had KNOWN AND KNOW BY EXPERIENCE what this "gold" is! So i put in simple way all i know i a book so commond people can know what is this " gold stuff" Taoism genuine Qi Gong and Meditation etc are.


So had any master write such a book?


some in english at least?


sorry my english and let me know if you dont understand my question

black sword, your english is good. i think if you post this again under where it says taoist discussion that you will recieve many reply.

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