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Taoist novel/author

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Hey guys, I've read the book of Carlos Ruiz Zafon, named Shadow of the Wind. One of the most popular spanish books ever. It was kinda boring to me, because I don't share the peoples cares, but am fed at nature brest. :P

This gave me the idea to seek more mature authors who don't have emotional disorders.


So, if there would be a Taoist book, story or author you know about, share it with us here. I'd love to read those extremely mysterious words, love it so much. :)


I think I found a link here somewhere to a website which had wonderful stories with similar paradoxical teachings like that of the Tao. I'm always amazed by them, but I lost this link. Will search it now. Sometimes I wonder wether it actually means anything, they use alot of wordplay. It is hypnotizing lol.

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