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Homies Be Clownin

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Now Walk It Out
Westside Walk It Out
Southside Walk It Out
Eastside Walk It Out
Northside Walk It Out

Walk It Out Like A Usher
If You Say "Real Talk"
I Probably Wont Trust Ya
If You Wanna Go To War
The Gun's My Pleasure
Even Jesus Had 12 Disciples On The Lever
Trigger, Whatever
*pew* *pew*
You Don't Want Naw Dega 3 Thou
I'm Like Jury Duty
You're New To This Part Of Town
Your White Tee
Well To Me, Looks Like A Nightgown
Make Ya Mama Proud
Take That Thing 2 Sizes Down
Then You Look Like The Man That You Are
Or What You Could Be
I Could Give A Damn 'bout Your Car
But Then That Would Be
If It Was Considered A Classic Before The Drastic
Change In Production
When Cars Were Metal Instead Of Plastic Value
Is What I'm Talkin About
Take Two Of These And Walk It Out
You Be The Reason They Talk It Out
You Cant Be The King In The Parkin Lot
Not Sayin I'm The Best
But Till They Find Somethin Better
I Am Here, No Fear, Write Me A Letter
'till Then

I Walk It Out
I Westside Walk It O-O-Out
Then Eastside Walk It O-O-Out

I Walk It Out The Bank
With Alot Of Zeros
Thats What My Teachers Call Me
Predictions Like They Cleo
So I Did My Dance Form
They Make Bout 40,000
I Do That In A Month
I'm No Resorts And Islands
I Make Them Walk It Out
Yeah Its Me Again
But I'm With Jones That Phat Stacks And Benjamin
I Roll With Made Men
That Breaks The Stage In
And Keep The Girls Happy
So Yall Can Get The Nappy
Gangsta's They Do They Dance
They Do It To My Song
See I Was Up In Cali
Crip Walkin It All Night Long
Drop 20 On My Neck
Got 10 On They Wrist
A Billion Dolla Look
A Million Dolla Kiss
I'm Nation Wide Homie
You Still At Home Homie
With No Promotions On Me
Man Thats Baloney Homie
The Album Off In Stores
Im Beatin Down Ya Block
Now Goin Walk It Out
And They Still On My Jock

Now Walk It Out
Westside Walk It Out,
Southside Walk It Out,
Eastside Walk It Out,
Northside Walk It Out

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