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Group meditation on December 21st, 9:00-9:30 PM ET

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I am hosting a remote group meditation on the Winter Soltice that I hope you will join! I am inviting my awakened friends from another post group as well. If you are open to recieving a transmission to awakening your Kundalini, it will most likely happen during this meditation as the energy that builds, where two or more are gathered, IS the essence of the Universe.


So here is the "agenda" for that night...


Keeping it short and sweet so as to let the natural course occur.

Let's just set an intent to:


Feel the divine love within ourselves


Feel the connection with the group, see us in a circle, introduce

yourself if you feel comfortable and just be aware of the essence of

those around the cirlce.


Send this combined love to the heart of Mother Earth or Yin aspect.


Be patient and let her respond and let this radiate through ourselves

and the group


Feel love as a group for the Sun or Heavens and send this upwards

to the Father or Yang aspect.


Await his response and let this radiate through yourself and the



Feel your consciousness open created by the merging of Heaven and

Earth. Individually go into your own Heart and feel the warmth and

smoothness. As this changes into Bliss, let this radiate to the

group and then the group radiates out to the entire Universe, with no

expectations. However, the Universe responds to her offspring and

they bask in her glory...


And then we will come back to the circle and back to ourselves and go

about our way walking in the beauty of the spirit that resides in

each of us...


Besides introducing oneself, let us let the Divine, who is the doer

of all things, meditate us.





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