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Electromagnetic radiation

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How do you guys feel about electromagnetic radiation and its effects on the energy body? Heres an article talking about it and how the EPA originally deemed it a class B carcinogen ranking next to formaldehyde, DDT, dioxins and PCBs My link

From my personal experience I feel I am defiantly affected negatively by EMR. This company Earth Calm actually really helped me My link. Ever since I began getting into qigong and becoming sensitive to my own chi, I also have been getting more sensitive to this EMR. In the past I was using my computer in my lap and I could just feel weird energy soaking into my body so I took it off, but felt noxious after. Recently it got so bad that the keys on my computer were literally stinging my fingers and I would just feel bad and get headaches after spending hours on my computer. So I invested in one of these earth calm products for the computer and it took the entire problem away. I also bought something from them to stick onto my cell phone, which I think was worth it. I also got one of there personal EMR pendants, which I discovered was too much and mixed with my energy field in weird ways so I stopped wearing it, but the other two devices I bought were way worth it to me.


Just curious if anyone else has issues with this? Do you think in time, by raising your energy vibration, these sort of minor disturbances don't bother you anymore as you grow past them, or would things like EMR get worse due to your increased sensitivity? I've found since qigong, I have had to make many life changes as my sensitivity grows and my tolerance to things like junk food and alcohol decrease. Its like I'm getting more in touch with my body which is letting me know what is good for it and what is not.

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