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A Piece on Speaking

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they can turn your friends into enemies, they can turn enemies into friends


they can bring nations together and cause them to war


how important are words to you? how much value do we place in them?


surely words are priceless!


as our language grows how do we insure it keeps in good health?


have we not inherited the language of our ancestors? and the shortcomings of the past?


what eloquence we need to even speak about words


the word is the body of the idea, and the idea is the soul of the word


the world of ideas surpasses the world of words


our understanding of thought requires a refinement of language


if our speech is our breath and breath is life then to break our word is to damage life


I shall endeavor to speak words that are both relatively and absolutely true


the art of poetry is more important than the laws which govern us


many set out on a journey that leads them further away from their goal


words are half what is said and half what is heard


fact and fiction are but two modes of storytelling


the speech of metaphor is the only way we can hope to praise that which gives us our breath


the movement of colour and sound is the vocabulary of nature


being within nature every sound we hear or dream can be appreciated as music


and so harmony is in our instincts


beauty is our gift and love is our currency


the success of words will bring our worlds into harmony


and the failure we will not speak of




these words are nourishing to some and deadly to others


when that silence replaces the truth, the silence is a lie


I will endeavor to speak truth

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Talk about something that is full

of truth about our world, ourselves,

and our very limited understanding of

the universal Tao.


Thanks for sharing!


Peace to you!

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