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Water coursing between rocks,

Gurgling of a mountain stream,

Icy cold water splashed,

Upon my face!



Thrust into being,

Pulled apart,

No longer whole.


Taught to see,

With only my eyes,

Differences are all,

Oblivious to the whole,

Life loses meaning.


Separate....we are not!


Finding my way back,

Seeing through this facade,

To the source.


Away from this world of 10,000 things,

All the strawdogs are burning,

Black smoke mixed with blue sky.


My body has faded away...


I am the Wind...

Moving through the treetops,

Unseen and constantly present.


I am Water...

Flowing over and around obstacles,

Powerful and passive at the same time,

Never to be fully contained by force.


I am the stillness of the Earth,

Everlasting calm lying deep within,

Time affects me not.


My essence is a flickering flame,

Illuminating the naked truth,

My heart and mind open to the Way.


Just as the Earth knows no hurry,

And the stream flows at its own pace,

The breeze gently caresses my flame,

Challenging me to awaken,

without leaving me in darkness.


Encompassed in true nature,

Completeness rediscovered!,

My sense of self recedes.


Who am I?,

A silly question,

For only Tao remains.

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