Xin Yi Liu He Quan

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Videos of Xinyiliuhequan- Henan province, 10 animals, 6 Harmonies


True practitioners of this art can kill a person. The strikes can certainly damage a human being to the point of death, the takedowns at a high level will consistently break a persons spine, it does what it's designed to do. It's based on 10 different animals' ways of fighting, Chicken, Eagle, Bear, Dragon, Tiger, Snake, Monkey, Horse, Hawk, and Swallow/Sparrow hawk. The double palmed bear palm strike would penetrate to your heart and internal organs. It is hard to comprehend just how much force is coming down with the double bear palm. It kills people. A xinyiluihequan fighter cannot be moved backwards at all, no matter the size or strength difference. Just kill the opponent, strike from any direction not just forwards. You have 7 attacks for one of the opponents attacks. Interecpt and redirect any attack, and attack from all sort of angles with stepping and footwork so the oppenent didn't even see it coming and didn't know he was going to be hit. Whole body hitting, whole arms, elbows up down and all directions, shoulders, hips, leg attacks, takedowns, backbreaking takedowns, hardcore headbutt and whole head attacks, one legged standing. I like how the head is used in Xinyiluihequan! The whole body becomes one connected unit, so the whole body is a weapon. Even an elbow is not just the mechanical force of the swing of the elbow, but the whole body structure coming forward as a unit. Hardly anyone outside China has this art or these skills, and it is not taught openly to just anyone. A true practitioner of this art is uncorruptable, and doesn't hurt people other than for real self defense. This is attack from all directions, up, down, left, right, high, low, diagonal, behind. 7 attacks when the opponent can do 1 or 2.


Grandmaster Yu Hualong-

YouTube - Yu Hualong Xinyi liuhe demo, 1990


Pics of Yu Hua Long-




More pics of Xinyi grandmasters inclusding Lu Song Gao-





The Chicken Claw Sword-





Video of some Xinyiluihequan martial arts. The first man on this video who performs the upwards iron bar fist, upwards and downwards elbow as well as arm striking, shoulder striking, kicking, and stomping leg striking is 73 year old Li Zhensi. Next is a woman performing bear palm wih each step a shin kick or stomp to the ankle, and after that demonstrating is a Xinyi street fighter from Beijing doing bear palm, Suicide on the tombstone elbow/punch/headbutt attack combo, cat wash the face and dragon elbow combo, diagonal snake elbows, Snake whips tail, small dragon whips tail, diagonal dragon whips tail in 4 directions, and diagaonal suicide on the tombstone head attacks in 4 direction. Doesn't matter, fight 4 attackers in 4 directions at once. You can see the double bear palm would kill someone as well as elbow strikes and headbutts. The downward double handed chopping takedown called Tiger Pounces, at the 2:23-2:24 mark of the video breaks the opponents spine. This is why xinyiluihequan is known as "the cruelest martial art"


Demo of some fighting shapes and some of the 10 animal techniques-


same video with cool music added-


More animal shapes, higher quality picture-


Child practicing xinyi luihe




Chicken step with sideways body, Every step taken is actually a low kick to the opponents ankle, shin or knee-


Rowing Bah-


Incredible internal iron body

YouTube - Xinyiliuhe Iron Body Training


10 animal shapes-





Fighting applications-


Yu Hua Long fighting drills and 2 Bah form-


The original 6 harmony Xinyi system is not known by a large amount of people. Sometimes you can find videos of the animal shapes, but videos with the fighting methods are even less common. The reason is that Xinyi practitioners, especially oldschool ones in the past, often do not or did not want outsiders to know how they fight, or knowing their strategies of attack and application. If outsiders attempt to steal their forms and shapes, whatever, but they dont want them getting the fighting.


But here, an older video with George Xu demonstrating Xinyi freefighting methods-


Newer videos with George Xu


Some basic applications


Sledge hammer! Ugh

Video Clips of TaiChi, HsingI and PaKua


Lol Xinyi toss people







Some say it was created by the famous Chinese general Yue Fei. The earliest proof begins with the great Spear, Sword, and emtyhanded fighter Ji Longfeng.

Xin Yi Liu He Quan

According to "Ji Clan Chronicles" ( Ji Shi Jiapu ) Ji Longfeng 's spear skill was extraordinary and he was known as "Divine Spear" ( Shen Qiang ). Ji (also known as Ji Jike) created a fist boxing using spear principles and taught in Henan.


These two texts talk about creating martial art on the basis of spear, although the first one attributes it to Yue Fei, while the other one - to Ji Longfeng.


The first Hui to learn the art and pass it to his disciples was Ma Xueli (about 1714-1790) of Luoyang in Henan Province.



Ji Jike - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ji Jike (1588-1662AD) (simplified Chinese: 姬際可; ) was a highly accomplished martial artist from Yongji, Shanxi Province. He was also known as Ji Longfeng (simplified Chinese: 姬龍峰; ). According to accepted theory, he is widely considered to be the originator of the internal martial art of Xingyiquan. (Other, less credible, theories consider Bodhidharma or Yue Fei as the originators of this art.[1]) Ji Jike created the martial art of Xinyi (Heart and Intention Boxing), which is the precursor of Xingyi (Form and Intention Boxing). He based the fundamentals of Xinyi on the spear techniques for which he was also famous. It was Li Luo Neng, a most famous descendant of Ji Jike, who modified Xinyi and called it Xingyi.


During Ji Jike's lifetime, China was taken over by the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912AD), descendants of the Manchurian Juzhen tribes of Yue Fei's time. Ji Jike began his classical studies when he was seven years old, and Wushu training at 13. After sitting for the imperial examination, he passed with honors, which earned him a position as a court official in Shanxi. However, he was disillusioned in this position because of the corruption he encountered, and was eventually forced out of office.


After leaving, he traveled throughout China to refine his martial art. He eventually made his way to the Shaolin temple in Henan province to study Shaolin Wushu. At the temple, the monks were all amazed at his skill with the spear as well as his unarmed fighting skills. Welcomed by the monks, he stayed at the Temple, where he spent more than 10 years. It was here where he created Xinyi. Legend has it that during his time at the Temple, Ji once observed two cocks fighting, and was inspired to complete his development of the art of Xinyi. He taught his art to the monks, who passed it on as Xinyi Ba (simplified Chinese: 心意把; ). It was also during this time that he was suspected of being involved with the resistance opposing the Qing Dynasty.


Later, after leaving the temple, he taught in the region to others from Henan.


When Ji returned home to Shanxi, he taught Xinyi to family members. He was nicknamed "God of the Lance" (simplified Chinese: 神枪; ) for his exemplary skill, and was respected like a guardian deity, for he single-handedly defeated a band of bandits raiding his village when he was of old age.


Article about Ji Longfeng-

Ji Longfeng - The Open Contribution Islamic Encyclopedia, History, People, Places




Shaolin Xin Yi Ba


Some research indicates it was practiced by the guards and guardians at the Buddhist Shaolin temple.


Video examples of what Shaolin Xin Yi Ba could look like-


Xinyiba on the rootop or edge of the cliff-


Shi Dejian Xinyiba-


Documentary with english subtitles on She De Jian and Shaolin Xinyiba-


Another Shi De Jian Documentary-


Shi Dejian Xinyiba applications-





It was also secretly practiced in Muslim Communities.


XinYi LiuHe in Zhoukou, China


Muslim man demonstrates many animal shapes-


Variations of the old Xinyi "4 Bah" set-



Xingyiquan and Xinyi branch offs


Out of xinyiquan(heart/intention fighting), developed a new art called xingyiquan(shape and body structure/intention fighting). It based its fighting theory on the 5 elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. Most Xingyiquan practitioners only learned 1 or 2 animals from Xinyiquan, so they began to make up their own new animals based on the 1 or 2 they had learned from Xinyi. They took some elements of Xinyi, and combined it with other martial arts. Xingyiquan is generally not as effective or as high level as the older Xinyiquan, however this is not absolute, and that is not to say Xingyiquan hasnt produced some great fighters.


Squatting Monkey came to be added to the training


Dai style Xinyi-


And Xingyiquan





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