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Blessed homes

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I watched a documentary last night about native Africans, like Dogon in Mali and Ashanti in Ghana. It was nice too see how they followed basic Feng Shui rules when building their homes, which were done by using mud and their bare hands. Also lovely to see how the master mason finished by blessing the new house by offering seeds to the spirits of the land and therefore bring luck and good fortune to its new inhabitants.


Anyway, when the mason was asked about using concrete as a building material: he said simply NO, sorry I have followed the traditional way for the last 20 years. Concrete doesn't contain the spirit of the land.


Maybe if modern humans start building their houses following the traditional African approach there would be more peace and stability in their homes and less broken families and deeply scarring emotional issues as a result.



The Dogon are strongly oriented toward harmony, which is reflected in many of their rituals. For instance, in one of their most important rituals, the women praise the men, the men thank the women, the young express appreciation for the old, and the old recognize the contributions of the young.


Harmony and the natural balance of the land is kept as the relationship between her and humans is reciprocal.






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