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Yoda's 8 Brocades Challenge

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it's a killer set that I never actually stick with for more than a couple of months.


I got a new book, "the healing art of qi gong" (nice intro type book) that has a nice articulation of the 8 brocades. Is there anyone here who has done the 8 brocades currently and done so for the past 12 months?


I'm of the opinion that all mobility programs deliver the same basic goods. Agreed?


It's not as complete as Intuflow, but it's more mellow/contemplative.


Something Sean said that has stuck with me is that the lineage factor even for something fairly simple like a stretching program does seem to matter. By doing something that has a long history like sun salutations or 8 Brocades etc does tap one's mind into a more contemplative stream.

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