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I have been wondering as of recent, does one need to train/accustom their Qi to certain routines, movements or intents in order to fortify the memory of the mind, body, spirit interaction and build a library of applications and experiences, or is the Qi or Jing controlled and manifested through the Shen instantaneously based on current circumstances?


Is it smart enough to know a playful slap wasn't intended to damage internal organs? - What construct of the mind-Qi network manages, directs and choreographs these delicate intentions?


Many know of disciplines like Iron Palm and Iron Shirt, Buns of Steel.. wait what? : )

Most of these require rigorous training to direct and train the Qi in order to create and fortify the communication network required to be able to manifest Qi physically for external martial application.


This is one way to get the job done from what i have noticed. Beat the Qi into action, but surely there must be a more subtler approach?

Ah yes, but of course. All those Shaolin monks we see on TV raising Qi from their Dan Tien into their limbs and backs and heads and fists in order to withstand physical masses and forces that would snap any other mere mortals bones like a twig... Undisputedly it works, but would you spend 10 seconds at gun point raising Qi or Jing from ur nether regions to create an iron vest, odds are you might weird the offender out of his plans than subdue his assault by means of supernatural feats, oh and don't forget to close, 36 then 24, you thought u were gonna make a quick exit didn't u : )


Then we have the mommies and daddies who subconsciously summon the strength of titans and lift up 2 ton cars in fear of losing the loved one trapped beneath its crushing weight, and the only internal work they've ever done is a root canal.


So how does this all work? - Do we rely on Shen to control Qi in such situations, or are there exercises one can learn in oder to establish intelligent control over physical manifestations? - Perhaps it is something we learn, just like walking as babies?


Is Yi/Intent/Will the governor of these manifestations? Do we control the nature and power or subtlety through our heart and mind?

What determines a healing projection as opposed to an offensive projection from a point like Lao Gong or Yong Quan.


In my experience it is intent, but how much in control are we of our intent? What if accidents happen?

Is autopilot better than manual? - Is it a learning experience or inherent Prajna waiting to be accessed at the right time.


I know there are some higher level practitioners here. It would be nice to hear from anyone who has experience with physical projections of Jing, Qi and even Shen for healing, defense or offense. What do you feel determines the nature of your manifestation, you or YOU? : )

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