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Rocky Lionmouth

Greetings From Sweden

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Newly arrived on the site, have eyed through a few topis and i'm amazed to see how many people

out there who are practicing and seem to have accomplished so much in their work!

I was born in sweden but my ancestries lie in italy, my primary occupation is creativity in the fields

of graphic art and music.


On taoism i've humbly read the Tao Te Ching after i being pointed in that direction by a quaint little book

by one B. Hoff who relates the principles of taoism to a set of characters from a popular childrens book (wich left me thirsty to say the least, no for cartoons but for developing a closer bond to the Tao)

Studied a bit of Osho's lectures on Lao Tzu and his classic, found it pretty helpful.


I'm relatively new and unexperienced in the arts of meditation and qigong, but i have practiced

Southern Shaolin Five Form Fist under GM Tran Loi Minh Dai-Si and his main swedish disciples for about five, five and a half years now.


I've been into the idea of Taoism since my early teens and i confess myself to be a bit of a philosopher

in the topic (a talkative one i might add) but i'm very stoked about the taoist practices of

inner development. My sifus give me tips and hints on the internal aspects of our art and i'm planning to

apply myself deeper into our systems QiGong side, wich is Five Elements Qi Gong, this fall.


Anyhow, i just wanted to say hi to you guys and say that i'm very happy to have found a place where to discuss

these matters, since most people i know go cross eyed and have meltdowns when i adventure in such topics :)


Looking forward to become wiser by your teachings!



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