The Inner Light

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Hello all,

I'm wondering now about the "Inner Light". It's supposed to be this light one sees when they close their eyes. I'm reading about it in "Daoist Yoga" as it seems to be the starting point for cultivation. Does anyone have experience with this inner light? In the book it's called the "light of vitality". Here's the excerpt below...


Before starting meditation it's important to relax the body and put an end to all rising thoughts. After sitting the body should be sense/feeling-less like a log and the mind unstirred. The eyes should look down and fix upon the tip of the nose; they should not be shut completely to avoid dullness and confusion; nor should they be wide open so to avoid the spirit wandering outside. They should be fixed on the tip of the nose with concentration on the spot between them; and in time the light of vitality will manifest. This is the best way to get rid of all thoughts at the start when preparing the elixir of immortality.


I mean i've sat staring at my nose and i don't notice anything really. Does anyone have experience with this? Insights? tips?


Thx kindly


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