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Consuming Oils

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At one time I would attend, as a guest, quite a few nutritional/medical conferences. I still get invitations addressed to my name followed by R.N.[which I'm not]. During one conference a practitioner was telling me about the value of using cod liver oil. The brand she used in her practice was Lysi from Iceland. She gave me articles and told me she would get me a supply. This fell through. I wrote to Iceland but received no reply. Now in the days of internet connection I am able to contact the company directly. I was told that Lysi can be obtained, in the U.S., under the name of IcelandHealth. Those in the U.S. may of seen Dr Gary Gordon doing an informercial for this product. It is available only online. Those in Europe can contact Lysi directly. I Particularly like Dr Barry Sears work concerning optimum dosages.


Another oil worth considering is wheat germ oil. John Heinerman, in several books, recommends Rex's crude wheat germ oil for animals. I was familiar with Viobin but not Rex. Further investigation revealed that Viobin and Rex are the same company. I asked a company representative what is the difference? I was told all oil starts out the same. But the oil targeted for humans undergoes further refinement. This lowers free fatty acid levels and lowers the amount of waxes in the product. In other words less nutritional value for humans. The reason they do this is that consumers complain about sediment levels and the stronger taste. If interested in using this product, it is readily available on the internet. It may be marketed for dogs,birds or horses. It is all the same. Just look for the best price.

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