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I was looking into the magnesium deficiency issue, and started reading about MSG, turns out is can be re-named about a hundred other things, some ingredients "may" contain MSG, and some, the "may contain" group, are in many, many foods, even the kefir I brought home! This kind of stuff is disgusting! But WORSE, there is an act to weaken current labeling standards.


"Industry has launched a vicious attack on food labeling. A bill to decimate labeling has already been passed by the House of Representatives, and the Senate is now considering passing the same bill.


The Grocery Manufacturers Association has orchestrated, and the U.S. House of Representative on March 8, 2006 has passed, H.R.4167, which will wipe out State food labeling laws that exceed Federal standards, and prohibit any new State or Municipal legislation that exceeds Federal standards. Thus, we will have less regulation and less labeling; eliminating critical State and Municipal laws that protect consumer health, and reducing all standards to the minimal standards promulgated by the Federal government"

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