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  1. Poll - How is your "Wing Point"?

    Interesting. When I got my chi roller, it was the sorest place on my back. As all you CR afficionados know, one gets less sore with more rolling, now it's about the same as the rest of my back.
  2. Women

    Very interesting, the PUA stuff was good too. In my anthropology classes we talked about sociobiology, ie humans spent much more time as hunter-gatherers than as we are now, and so many of the behaviors we exhibit were developed to insure proliferation of the species in that kind of society. I think there's a lot of truth to that, and it explains a lot of stuff we do. I don't think there's any harm in seeking to understand mating behavior, and using that knowledge to one's advantage. I have a friend who's a really SNAG, and he can't understand why he doesn't have a girl.
  3. what kind of water do you drink?

    I have an undercounter KDF/GAC cartridge filter that I installed myself (not hard). This type seems like the best bang for the buck as far as removal goes, and it doesn't remove all the minerals like RO. I prefer how spring water tastes, but this is lots cheaper, and great for cooking etc. I got mine here: http://www.pure-earth.com/index.html
  4. Help me find a martial art

    I have learned this lesson the hard way and have found it to be SO true. Skipping ahead did not work at all!
  5. deodorant

    That pretty much sums it up for me
  6. deodorant

    I use the crystal as well, works just fine unless it's real hot or I'm very active. I live in the desert too and in the summer I get the wet patches. As long as I don't smell it's cool, but if I'm in a social situation, or "dressed up" I do use antiperspirant. Not really happy about that, but I do sweat a fair amount when I'm hot.

    I love mine! I got this one: http://www.ebodylogic.com/maroller.html pretty good price, I like how the ends are more rounded than the trad. shape, more comfortable (I would think) when they are under one's shoulder blades. OTOH the wood, although nice, is in 2 pieces glued together then "turned". The original is still available, although pricey, the site talks about the different versions: http://www.momentum98.com/footsie.html saw this vintage one on ebay, had a bid in, but it went too high: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1 These look nice, and good prices too: http://www.earthlite.com/massageTools.htm This site has a better price: http://www.e-mcity.com/roller.htm
  8. My understanding was all the courses are under the heading of RMAX. I thought CST was only clubbells. Great service from Scott's team, they use FEDEX, with home delivery, which means I'll get 'em tomorrow, instead of next week sometime, if they used UPS.
  9. I'm not a taoist

    I think we're in a very intersting time now. I look at my small collection of books on spirituality, and I have a collection of esoteric knowledge, and teaching, that would be unheard of for a common person to have in the past. This has lead to others being able to distill some of these works, and traditions, and condense them, or put them in a format that is easier for beginners to understand. Others have added their own study to elements of traditional practice. I think these new methods allow us to move ahead more quickly. Whether this is truly beneficial or not, remains to be seen. Perhaps the old way of a lifetime of study was better. I find that noticeable progress encourages me, especially thru the difficult times. I think we are all trying to return to our true nature, so Taoism is not a goal, just a way to get there. As Sean said, I think we are "syncretic Taoists" anyway
  10. I couldn't wait, broke down and bought intu-flow. It just sounds so cool! Started reading the RMAX forum, and that's what they recommend too, intu first, then flow. Kinda cool that they are both new products, so they have the latest version of Scott's goodness. Hope the mini-clubs are usefull, would have rather just got the video, but we'll see Similar to Chia and Winn's stuff, one kinda has to dig a bit to figure out what to get. Neimad: I'm gonna hold off on the CST, and do the program in the recommended order (tough for an Aries!)
  11. Freeform, ok makes sense....I'll look for a DVD for WW (don't play VHS tapes any more) first. I finally found materials for intuflow, but it's not mentioned as much, did it become WW? So, I don't need to do be breathed first? Or, it's included in other stuff? Seems like breathing technique would be key. I do the furey body weight stuff, really like it. I could do a ( 1) one legged squat as long as I can remember, working on one armed pullups, haven't really tried one armed pushups yet
  12. Ok, you RMAX gurus Where do I start? I've got some makeshift 'bells, (dumbells w/ the weights at one end, may make a better set, saw where some people are getting kid's hollow ball bats and filling 'em with sand, weigh about 10lbs each) and I do the swipe and mill. Should I get the clubbell training for circular strength video? I have heard, in general, videos work better for learning, true? I have been (very generously) offered the loan of bodyflow and intuflow videos, but till they arrive I want to cover my basics. Sean recommended warrior wellness to start, sounds good, I just want to shorten the learning curve by going in the right order. Thanks!
  13. Happy easter!

    Cloud, your posts have been thought provoking, and while I was originally a bit put-off, I have come to see the truth in them. In fact, that info was just what I was looking for, only I didn't know it
  14. Yoda, I've been reading your experiences with Sungazing, great stuff! Problem is there is SO much out there, I'm trying to find stuff that works, and keep it relatively simple. Ok, I figured out what CST is I have been trying out hindu squats/pushups and bridging, they kick ass! I guess I will read more about RMAX, great tip on those 4 lb sledges, got a Harbor Freight w/in a few miles!
  15. Wow, those clubbells are pretty spendy!