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I have been getting more serious about my practice recently, and have started to get results, ie I can circulate energy in the MCO. I have been using M. Chia's books, until I discovered some good tips there, and Dr. Lin's sexual chikung and anal breathing work well.

Since my MCO started to open, I have been working with it for 1/2 to 1 hour a day. It seems that whenever I do meditation now, it's either in the back of my mind, or I start conciously running it. It feels good, REALLY good when my energy is high. I'm not sure wether it is "open" or not. I do need to focus my awareness to cycle it, but I can feel the channels moving sometimes. I had a cool experience this morning, as I was waking up I was aware of energy in the functional channel, between heart and navel moving. Very gently and slowly, moving back and forth, it felt really good, I didn't want to get up!

Currently I do standing and sitting meditation, and MCO, haven't done much testicle or spinal breathing, since the orbit seeems to include these. I also do some yoga, stretching, and run. I think I will phase out weight training, in favor of body weight excercises, pullups, hindu squats, and hindu pushups. Experimenting with bridging, (currently with yoga ball).

I guess I tend to be a mental type, aries/fire personality. Any suggestions on what I should look at next? I really thought the MCO would take a long time to open up, guess my unwinding helped with that. I will say the functional channel feels weaker, energy seems to flow gently there, unlike the governor, where I can "push". I wish I had a teacher now, but I do not.

So, any suggestions on what to study next? Michael Winn's series? I am kind of daunted by all the books/tapes.

Seems like I would need to do all the chi kung fundamentals, lots of stuff to read/watch. I really want to know what to do next with this energy :mellow:

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